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Now the question is......

do we start a long losing streak like we did the last couple of years. We seem to start oout pretty good 2-0. or 1-1 Then after the first loss of the year it seems like the team can't get over it, and go on a 6-8 game slide and lose all hope for the second half of the season.

I think we got lucky that we got the Rams before we head into the "tough" part of our schedule. Right now the team's confidence can't be too high so i think the rams are something we need right now.
Maybe if Nolan was still around but Singletary won't allow that to happen with this team.
we wont go on the losing streak look most of the experts said that the vikings are the best team in the nfc. And in my books we played a better game then them the only thing that messed us up was favre and his miracle throw and apparently people like blaming raye singeltary but the only TWO PEOPLE TO BLAME and that is FAVRE and GORE. yes if we had gore there was no way we wouldve lost that game period (im not acually blaming gore im just sayin if he played we wouldve won)
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