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When a Loss is a Win

Unfortunately, the qb controversy will never be over until hill performs a miracle or as is traded... Sad I know...

However, the defense is great to watch! I was concerned with our pass rush and turnover ratio. Both are showing really good things!
They are finally an all around team that responded when needed. So many times in recent year they have faded out. This team played all 4 quarters.
The best thing about the 9ers so far is that they've regained respectability. They're still missing a few pieces on both offense and defense, but you've now got the sense that they are going to be in the fight for every win this season and may very well win the NFC West.
Easily our defense, despite the lucky throw and Roman's lack of coverage skills. Thanks to Singletary and Manusky for that. The D kept us in the game when we lack a dominant passing game and a running game w/ now an injured Gore.
Their mental toughness is the best thing so far. Everything else still needs work.
1. Singletary
2. Defense
3. Frank Gore
4. Shaun Hill
5. Vernon Davis

it hurts how we COULD be 3-0, its ok b.c we have St.Louis coming in and will be 3-1 !! We gotta rebound from that loss!! Green Bay lost something like 5 games by 4pts or less last season!!
The best thing? It truly feels like we can be in a game and beat anyone. I went with 2-1 with a game lead in NFC West. I have a feeling there is going to be some well executed football taken out on the Lams. We all may not agree on our biggest problem, but this is a team that's playing at a level we haven't seen in awhile and I'm excited for the rest of the season.

It felt like my soul had been ripped out through my a$$hole yesterday. The win would have been awesome, but I think the players and coaches have learned a hard lesson - better now then later.
All of the above except for smash mouth football( at least when it comes to depending so much on the run). I still believe that in order to be truly successful this team will have to be more diverse, spread the field more, and trust Hill.

I would go with:
1) The passion that the team is playing with- Singletary getting them to play hard
2) The improvement of the defense
3) Vernon Davis maturity and development
4) Prospects for future given the start of Arizona and Seattle

Disappointment so far:
1) Offensive line - except for the 2 runs by Gore failure to create holes
2) Passing game - specifcally failure to get WR's involved as much as they need to be
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None of the above. The best thing is that so far, we are winning 2 out of three of our games. That's 10.6 wins over the season, if it continues. That's enough to put you into the playoff's. Stretch that out season after season, and it's enough to put you into the perennial contender league. The elite level.

I'll take 2 out of 3 any time in this league. Although we lost in Minny, it was the game to lose if your going to lose 1 of the 3. I'll take the wins at home, and the divisional win on the road for the loss to the non divisional on the road any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

We are looking pretty good in the's why:

Arizona has lost two of it's home games, one within the division, that's not good...those are big time lost opportunities..they don't come any more important than winning at home, when your chances are maximized of getting the win. They don't come any more important than winning your homes games against division teams. Your only going to get so many opportunities to pick up a win within the division. They are a finite resource, those divisional games. You need to count on winning all your home ones, and pick one or two up on the road within the division. Seattle has lost a third of it's opportunities to pick up one of those divisional road wins, Arizona fairs even worse because they have lost a third of the opportunities to win one of those at home. It will only get harder for both of them now.

We are one game ahead, but looking deeper, the Hawks and Arizona lost a lot more than we did yesterday, because those were both homes games...and those are the game's YOU MUST WIN TO STAY AHEAD OF THE 8 BALL. Losing at home, hurts you bad, real bad. All San Fran has to do is win all it's home games at this point, and we will likely win the division. I would have to look at that closer, but I think it works, offhand. Any which way, 2 out of 3 is damn good enough, and having those 2 within the division, with one on the road, is f**king hot hot hot to me.
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Originally posted by D_Niner:
Originally posted by verb1der:
Favre : "I think everyone has realized how good of a team the 49ers are."

but I am not a "moral victory" kind of guy...

we should be 3-0.

I'm over it. Rams next.


We win some we lose some. The Mini Vikings got one over on us on a good play to seal the game. We could have and should have won; but, we didn't. On to the next...

Now what we get to see this weekend is how this current team bounces back from a loss.

I have a feeling that it will not be a close game.
This team can hang WITH ANYBODY IN THE NFL.

When is the last time we could say that?
Two things: Defense and the change in attitude.
our PASS RUSH...
yeah i said it! it's pretty dam impressive!!!
our Defense overall is an A+
Oh most definitely the defense. I loved how they stepped it up.
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