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Offensive post-game analysis (@ Minn)

So angry about this one, but i have to give a shout out to VD!! Way to show up! He has just shut his mouth and started playing, and i respect him as a player and a person now and i couldn't stand his attitude before, but he's got one new fan. Keep it up VD
Originally posted by Antix:
The offense as a whole wasn't the problem today. When we needed points we got them.

On the last drive, on 3rd down we needed to call a play action. If VD isn't open then Hill takes the sack and there's no harm no foul, we were planning to punt the ball anyway.
We counted on our D to win the game for us when our O could have done it with one first down, sucks.

Egg-zactly! (in bold)... Although, I knew they were going to run it 3 times... that is what I was spouting off to my wife as they lined up for 3rd down...
Originally posted by Brazilian49er:
Remember what Norv did against the Seahawks on 3rd down? Naked bootleg and a TD.

Go for the kill.

Perfect play call
Originally posted by 602_JamestownAve:
I shrugged off that dropped pick from Dre Bly . Who knew we'd need that TD to win the game. I am embarrased because they are gonna turn this into "Let's blow Favre week". Dude is washed up and we gave up a 300 yard passing game to a fvckin old azz washed up man.

i was thinking the exact same thing..just leave raye in minnesota
wow bears now gettin romped by seattle......thanks raye, u better pray ariz loses tonight....... this sucks, we are in control of our own destiny
raye is just so f**kin stubborn, we get a first down, minn is out of time outs and the game is over

i want raye fired but it is unlikely
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I HOPE THE AIRPLANE forget this wanna be OC in minnesota as a gift
for the win....stay in minnesota fars ass...
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Originally posted by teeohh:
raye is just so f**kin stubborn, we get a first down, minn is out of time outs and the game is over

i want raye fired but it is unlikely

More like, Raye has no balls and loves playing from behind. Reminds me of Marriucci but softer.
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I've been one of the few who hasn't been calling for Raye's head the last couple of weeks, but that toss play on our last drive where Coffee almost completely coughs the ball up? Toss play? TOSS F UCKING PLAY!
What I am more concerned about is our O line play in the running game. Our O line is very bad at run blocking and that is why we are in the fix we are in Offensively. We can't run anytime and stick it to other teams as Singletary wants, it's just not there. And yes we should have been more daring and called a play action pass on the last 3rd down, but we didn't. And a punt into the end zone didn't help either! We just aren't there yet, close but no cigar. Look on the bright side, we are 2-1 tied for the Division lead, next week we will beat the Rams at home, and we will be 3-1 and 3-o in the Division. We just need to improve Offensively and we will be okay! Not getting the first down and the Dre Bly drop of an interception killed us!

Someone has to take the reigns of that offense with under 2 minutes to go in the game... 1:49 to be exact. 3 straight running plays up the gut.

We run off exactly 13 seconds and punt.

Someone has to realize that the defense has 3 timeouts to use. Mix in a screen pass or a something.

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Via twitter (KNBR):

Football Gods will never reward a team that goes 0-11 on 3rd down.
My heart hurts so much right now! keep the beers coming! I HATE YOU SO MUCH RAYE!!!
Damn you can just hear it in Morgans voice:

"We left it all on the Field"

"We dont want moral victories, we want wins"

"When it counted, we came up short, we gotta get better"

Sounded like he was about to cry, like most of us
We didnĀ“t convert a single 3rd down! How lame is that??
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