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Is our running game actually doing very well?

Everyone in the media and such is talking about our great running game, and based on stats it does look good. However, if you take out the 2 single bug runs against Seattle, Gore has like 70 yards in two games. Is it just smoke and mirrors??
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Why would you take out the 2 big runs? The offensive line opened up huge holes for gore on those plays. They were two plays that scored two touchdowns and won the game for us. It's so hard to do that only one other person has ever done it before (Barry Sanders). Why would you discredit those runs? Take away Chris Johnsons 2 runs over 50 yards and Adrian Petersons big runs and what do you get? The running backs who accumulate big numbers are the ones who can consistently break off runs over 20 yards.
I only take them out to see how we are moving the ball on a consistent basis. We had a lot of 3 and outs where we couldn't get anything going. I would rather see Gore run 25 times and get 5 yards per carry than have two big runs and then get 1 YPC the rest of the game.
My only point is not to over analyze. I would rather have 80 yard touchdown runs any day of the week. Taking one game at a time finding a way to win, rather then extending a non existent trend formulated off two games across an entire season.
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