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In light of the "Crabtree Discussion" thread.....

First and foremost, there is no news or any rumors that Crabtree has signed with the 49ers at this time (09/24/09 04:40 pm PST). With that being said, we’ve already locked two discussion threads pertaining to Michael Crabtree and there will be no more such thread allowed until he is either signed or traded. If it pertains to the allegations that the Jets had tampered with us signing him, a thread is in place for your thoughts.

We’ve dissected and analyzed the Crabtree situation a million fold. There is nothing new that we can add to that particular discussion. At this point, it’s either he signs or he doesn’t. Until then, please refrain from posting any other Crabtree thread.

Thank you.

- 98

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For those who have an issue with this action...Please PM a mod if you wish to discuss it. Posting threads complaining will only lead to warnings.

As stated above, we plan to re-open a thread soon.

The reason for the lock goes beyond just one member, let's be clear on that. It is a very heated topic and people are letting their emotions get the better of them. It needs a cooling down period.
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