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I wish more analysts had the guts to feature the Niners

Really do we need ESPN and Nfl Networks respect? i mean these so called experts are only right 50 % of the time. anyone who picks games and gets some right can be considered an expert. Ask COACH SING and he would probaly say he dont give a rats a$$ about what anyone has to say about us as long as we are winning.
Originally posted by Overkill:
I saw the "buy or sell" segment that apparently inspired this thread and I was also a bit pissed when Martz "sold" us for not passing enough and "bought" Denver because of Mike Nolan's defense.

But I also recognize that we really haven't done anything yet to command respect yet. We've beaten two teams that are probably around .500 mark talent wise. And we beat them when both had injuries to significant players.

I think our defense is legit, but our offense looks much different if you take away Gore's two long TD runs. We'll see how we look at the Vikes - a team with a solid defense, solid rushing attack, and Favre at QB. Lets beat one of their favored children and then revisit this issue.

We'll get respect when we earn it.

I really love flying under the radar. I gotta agree our offense doesn't warrant getting any notice so far and they haven't put any games away ------ it still needs to be earned. If we go 4-0 then we will get much more attention.

We are still in the process of earning that respect. GO 49ER'S.
Originally posted by 49ers4life:
Until we have a solid post season, we shouldn't get love. We know what our team can do, and it does feel great shoving it in people's faces after we beat them as the underdog. Lets wait until we do something good in the playoffs, then if we don't get recognition we should be angry.

First off, getting to the playoffs will be a major accomplishment for us - remember the last 7-8 non-playoffs seasons. Remember that? So even if we lose the wild card game or what ever, getting there is a positive thing.
I like being the underdog and the lack of publicity and I think Singeltary does too because it helps the players play with a chip on their shoulder.
Hey, at least we're not Moses wandering around for 40+ years in Detroit desert.
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