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106 yards in 2 games

Part of that is our defense which was solid against the run last year, and part of that is weak competition. Arizona and Seattle may have good passing attacks, but their rushing attacks are amongst the worse in the league. Now comes the actual test let's see how we fare.
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Ranked 3d in Rush defense in the NFL! Looking good so far, but there are still a lot of games to play!
We have been fairly strong against the run for a couple of years now. This is where players like Aubrayo, Manny, and Isaac show why they are on the team.
I have been hearing steady quotes about A. Franklin holding the line. How about Sop? Are these two doing better at holding the line and taking up blockers?
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can we stop purple jesus?

Yes we can, we have Red Judas:

i'm going to start saying that if he indeed shuts down ap

Ya me too, hopefully it catches on.

Whoever edited this did a crap job but its still fun to watch! I'm going to the game and I'd sure love to see Willis be the first to shut AP Down!!!

P Willy vs. AP
Hope our defense shows up & plays big time this weekend! Gonna need a very good showing.
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