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i second Brian's comment, that if you have desperate needs, and a much lower need(WR) falls to you, you take the most important need. Yes , this is comparing apples to oranges as WR to OT, but you don't form teams around WRs...just ask Detroit, who tried 3 yrs draft picks in a row. You form a team around lines, both OL and DL . We had two great choices to get Oher or Orakpo, and took neither, rather a showy kid from the big 12, a conference not known for good DB play. And we did it without any pre scouting as in calling up coaches for potential picks #5-15(if we moved up or down), and asking , Hey coach, is so and so a good guy? Or is he a head case? Scot obviously didn't do it, and thereby he literally screwed our entire draft this yr, with a #1 next yr, plus Coffee. Coffee? Yup, that's our draft, and just like this yr, next yr we still need NT/DE/DT, passrushing OLB , and at least 2 OTs(in case one is no good). There is not another team in nfl that will enter next yr with exact same needs it had this yr...except the 49ers...and that is inexcusable.

That folks, in any business or commercial enterprise , would be grounds for schidt canning our GM...now...not next yr when he could screw us over again. Teams have to draft at least 2-3 starters every yr to remain competitive. We didn't , and we are once again doomed to mediocrity. Get rid of mcClown. He is single-handedly killing this
team, and waiting for him to improve...well, it is a fornlorn hope, and is no way to build a team.

I disagree with drafting for need, since evaluating a college players ability to transition to the NFL is such a craps shoot. You should always draft who you think will have the best shot at success in the NFL, unless you already have an All Pro at that position on your team. Just finding a player you think won't be a bust is tough enough, then narrowing that down further to a player who won't bust and fills your biggest need greatly reduces your chances of finding a player who will perform well in the NFL.

That's why you fill team needs with players from FA, since they have already proven them selves at the NFL level. There are also risks to this, but the risks are much lower than drafting a player. If we find a probowl RT in FA next year, you can rest assure that the right side of the OL will be secure for years to come. Especially if they aren't on the downhill side of their career. If you draft some one, there are no guarantees.

If you say they should've drafted Oher over Crabtree do to character concerns, u may have a valid point or if you feel that Oher was going to be the better Pro, but not if your argument is based on filling a need.