Originally posted by DaveWilcox:
Apart from the 2 long runs by Gore, the rest of the play calling was marginal at best. The long drive that consumed about 8 minutes in the 3rd/4th qtr was really good. I would like to see more killer instinct, make the opposing defenses defend the whole field, make better use of the passing game, which sucked yesterday.

I'm going to defend Jimmy Raye on his creativeness on playcalling. Did you notice the awsesome fake dive to the FB and pitch out to Gore. He called it twice and both were wide open for Gore. Also, when backed up in the endzone, he called a safe flat pass to Norris and it turned out to be a chain-mover.

Norv was a little frustrating but when it came down to it, he called some great plays that had the defense completely off balance. Look at the play Raye called in Game one: the wide open pass to Gore.