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Dude, what's up with Jeff Ulbrich?

That was funny s#!t. Those guys seem to really like and get along with each other and that can only carry over on the field. That's why chemistry is important to a team.
He played on our superbowl team you know.... at least according to that clown who did our pre-season games, what his name O'Donnell?
Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Very akward video, esspecially when they are with Chilo and Ulbrich is looking like he wants to rape someone.

LOL. I am still laughing from this and I read it 5 minutes ago.
Some people just shake, could be the concussions over the years, could be a supplement like "Killer Bees" or NO Xplode that has ridiculous amounts of stimulants in it. Could also be that he just worked out so hard his muscles are spasming, either way it looks like that is normal for him as no one really looked at him like WTF?
watch at 2:51
funniest thing ever hahahaa
That was almost scary, Ulbrich please stay away from my kid and have a doc check that twitch thing out that cant be normal
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I just became a much bigger fan of his, anyone that friggin retarded and weird is cool in my book!

He should really get into wrestling after football.
The reason hes shaking is because he is flexing his muscles. I'm pretty sure it was a joke, thats why everyone was laughing.
Originally posted by M0Z49ers:
"Cocaine is a hell of a drug"

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Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
LMFAO watch it a second time and just stare at him. might be the funniest thing i've ever seen lol

I did. that's just too damn funny

I love how Spikes reacted after Ulbrich was bashing his age, then turning to Baas saying: "I can cut you up, is that possible?"

If Spikes asked me that I'd probably s**t my pants in fear!
Takeo looks bigger than Chilo.
That mother f**ka's crazy
He looked like he was tweaking.
Brich is a waist of a roster space, IMO.
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