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Defensive post-game analysis (Week 1)

I wanna be Justin Smith when I grow up.
defense rocked, if they get alittle more help from the offense this team could be something scary
Showed why we kept him this year the guy was lights out today.
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He was great today. Hopefully this continues.
wooooo i'm loving our we need to really work on our O
Three sacks and two least there is some pressure from the D.
pfff... only two sacks today

The Defense won this game. Kurt Warner is going to feel real old when he tries to get out of bed tomorrow.
Originally posted by NinerGM:
I wanna be Justin Smith when I grow up.

Originally posted by Rikimaru03:
pfff... only two sacks today

One sack. The other one was considered a rush for a loss by Warner.
With that pass rush, P Willie, and the depth in the secondary, this is a top 10 defense.
justin smith was a beast towards the end of the game, but we look good on that D line..

your right about the O line thats a question for now, hopefully not for long.. but go niners
defense looks 10x better than last year.. they pretty much shut down fitz and boldin
HOLY f**k WE WON!!!
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