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Defensive post-game analysis (Week 1)

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Please use this thread for post-game analysis of the defense as a whole, and/or individual players.

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Manny Lawson, Haralson, J. Smith.... BIG UPS!!!!!

And. P Wiily, you are 'effing sick!!!!!!

- 98
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Great game by the D, pass rush was getting there.
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I have a huuuuuuge mancrush on Justin Smith

I have been saying ever since we got Justin.... I loved him when he was with the Bengals.... and GOD DARNIT I love him even more that he is with us.... NO QUESTION HE DESERVES that Caption Patch
Looked tired in the 3rd quarter when Shawn Hill turned into a high school quarterback but did great in the 1st, 2nd and 4th quarters. Great win! Fantastic job ManLaw, PWilly, Smitty and Haralson!
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I love you Justin Smith
i think we have one now. how about that to all the haters
LOVE that guy.

Clements and Bly played well too
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Our D kept us in the game


those guys came up huge!

The pass rush is not nearly the concern as oline and QB. We have some good players on the front 7, and the DB's aren't bad either.
We rock
im optimistic about it as well..

however lets not get too hyped on it too soon, as we tend to always get our best pass rush vs the cards...
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