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Hotels Niners Stay at on the road.

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Why? Do you want to sleep in their bed too?

Wow. Aren't you a funny guy.
They stay at the Marriott
Originally posted by RedRazor:
They stay at the Marriott

Are you sure????????
I know when the niners play in St louis they stay at the Western.
Look for the most expensive one. For those in SF the St. Regis is a popular stop for sports peeps.

Last year I saw a lot of the Jets guys when they were in town playing the Niners but the coolest was I was at the bar one night and I saw Lebron and some Cavs teammates cruise in.
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Ive seen them at the Marriott in Santa Clara 2 of the last 3 summers...they stay in there cuz the practice facility is somewhere there in Santa Clara

Excuse me sir, but why do you want to know what hotel the 49ers stay.... OH my!

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