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49ers at chargers pictures and s**t

Just curious...whats this guy doing?

He's using a drill to fix somebody's face mask. That's Doc. He's the main guy on the Niner sideline, as far as equipment and sideline manager. He's totally cool. When I worked the Niner locker room/sideline at the raider game last year, he was probably the coolest guy I've met on any team crew, so far. Even cooler that he's our guy's guy.

And FYI, the Niner field security guy is the biggest d!ck I've ever met from any crew. Most teams don't even have a guy like this. Our guy's guy thinks he's waaaaaaaaayyyyyy more important that he is.

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Originally posted by NickV:
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
How do I get a copy of the game? Apparently I was on TV a few times haha. Do I contact the NFL? TV station?

I thought I recognized you. lol

yea u were on tv
Whose the blonde in the background?
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:

These guys were talking all second half...seemed like an intense conversation at some points...

probably discussing crabtree
Originally posted by Buonaparte69:
Whose the blonde in the background?

oh man homegirl walked by a couple times. I had to pull the whole "oh I think I know her" deal.

I think she's a choreographer for the cheerleaders. Preseason is probably the final show for cheerleaders and she's probably evaluating the fringe girls.
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