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i swear theres more fan support for Smith than Jeff Garcia ever had... lol

Alex Smith: 1st overall pick

Expectations from a 1st overall pick: Pro Bowls, Superbowls, All Pro, make players around him play better(great players do this)

Results: Injured prone, horrible QB smarts, players around him struggle to make plays. career backups outplay him(JTO,Hill, Rattay)

someone mentioned that your team is only as good as the worst player on the field! for the niners that's been the QB spot. when Smith have been starter the niners just were not consistent, 3-outs were the norm. with Hill the offense hasnt been great, but it does drive the ball and give the D some rest. sure Hill will probably get the team more Field Goals than touchdowns, but its better than punting the ball all day with Smith as our guy.

Smith has 30starts with 6 +200yard games, 63.5QB career rating

Hill has 10starts with 7 +200 yard games, 90.5QB career rating

sure smith is more sexy on your little madden games.. but on the field.. he just sucks, they guy has never done anything consistent to earn the starter roll.. i don't even think he was what it takes to be a #2 guy.

what makes me think Smith cant be a #2 guy:

SHAUN HILL IS A natural #2 GUY.. Hill is a career backup. on any other team this woulda been a QB competition for the #2 spot and smith failed. think about it.. if Brady or Manning was the starting QB's for the niners, Hill would be that Vet backup QB who can come in and win a few games here and there.

you can say it again vs JTO, [b]career backup competing with Smith in 08. JTO won[/b]. on any other team that would have been a competition for the #2 spot and smith failed again.

Rattay vs Smith 05 season? again.. Rattay career backup QB.. competes with the #1 overall pick and wins... on any other team.. again.. competing with Rattay would mean your competing for the #2spot..

FACT:Alex Smith was still injured in 08 which required him to have surgery again,missing the 08 season

I swear you can find some of the most clueless people right here in the zone

I cannot believe this joker is touting Hill over Smith, Hill has looked every bit as bad, if not worse than Smith, and Smith has been out with an injury for 18 months. After the preseason, I am convinced that Hill is short term only. There is no excuse for his level of play to have regressed, and don't try to say it is because Martz is gone, Hill is just plain inaccurate and has nothing on passes over 10-15 yards, and that has absolutely nothing to do with pay calling.

Yeah I'm afraid Defenses are gonna stack the box,take away the short passing game and dare Hill to throw down field and if that happens,the 49ers will be in trouble.S.Hill has made a couple nice medium passes before but his flutterballs will not scare anybody.

Go Niners and good luck

quack quack quack!!! if they stack the box were screwed, Hills passes take their sweet ass time getting to where they need to go

real mature bashing our Starting QB, posting back to back to back...... you fellas are quite sad. Alex lost the "competition" and you react like this.....geeeeeez

talk about sore losers....even Alex wouldn't react like this.......show some class...or at least some maturity.

before you reply...let me save you sometime "bu...Bu....But....BUT U Guyz were mean to Alex toooooo woo" *sniff* *sniff*

there, same responses you all have been giving since Shaun Hill, Starting Qb of your San Francisco 49ers, beat out.....convincingly I might add..... former 1st Overall Pick...Mr. 60million dollar man.... Alex Smith.

real mature fellas....real mature.

You're one of the most childish zoners here,I've read several of your past posts(gibberish) and maturity is not in your vocabulary so

really now....do you want to show me some more examples....or is this just all opinion...

if you look at who I quoted...you would see this is one of the few times where I drop down in maturity, to the level of my fellow posters....it was needed in this situation. If you couldn't tell I was being sarcastic that is not my problem.

also did you vote in my other thread?
"I've read many "opinions" this offseason regarding Shaun Hill.....vote time!"

What a mature(sort of)response,I applaud you!

Do you remember last year when Sing almost benched Hill but changed his mind when he saw "that look" in his eye?

One thing is certain,none of us know how well Hill will do this year especially against good defenses now that the cat's been pulled out of the bag(short passing game,not much arm strength).

If Hill continues like he did in the preseason Sing won't hesitate to bench him which I hope is not the case because that then means we're not winning.

So you you see Afri,it's all about winning for me- a diehard 49er fan born and raised in San Francisco,not about bashing QB's a 1000 times(like you do with A.Smith).