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Which bubble 49er do you want on the 53-man roster the most?

Which bubble 49er do you want on the 53-man roster the most?

WR Michael Spurlock- he hasn't beaten out Rossum in return duties. He runs the taser but Singletary said that Battle and Robinson can do it as well. He doesn't cover on kickoffs or punts.

WR Dominique Zeigler- Based on playing time during the Cowboys game, he's higher on the depth chart than Spurlock and Jason Hill

TE Bear Pascoe- is losing playing time to JJ Finley and no need for 4 TEs
TE J.J. Finley- he will make the team as he's a better blocker than Pascoe and he would be our 3rd TE.

FB Brit Miller- I love what I see so far, but if he made the team, we would have 6 RBs

OT Alex Boone- he might make it as the 4th T. He's competing with Toledo and Bender for the 4th spot since Marvel retired.

DE Ricky Jean-Francois- I don't see him making it because he's our 7th DL and that's way too for a 3-4 team.

CB Eric Green- former starter and would add more depth to an already deep CB roster. Fighting with Hudson for the 5th corner spot.

S Curtis Taylor- he definitely has great size. But he's our 5th S and that's way too many safeties to carry.

I guess I would pick Green since he's a former starter.
Spurlock, because of his versitility.
In the short term, I'd rather have Spurlock. He's able to do a lot of different things now. In the long term, I'd like to see Boone and RJF pan out. Those are a couple of positions of need that I'd like to see them develop into as quality starters.
Jason Hill would be my choice. I don't think Eric Green will beat out Hudson with the little time he's had but wouldnt mind him making the team.
SHEETS!, and Boone of course!
Maiocco: Hedging my bets: I agonized over Ricky Jean-Francois. This final week is big for him. Although Evans has not stood out during the exhibition season, he still offers the team experience and versatility. He can line up at either end spot or bump inside to rush the passer. RJF is a work in progress. He doesn't have much to worry about because I think he'll be earning an NFL paycheck this season. I'm just not sure if it'll be with the 49ers or another team.

From what I've heard from faithfuls, 9-7 is a best case scenario for our team. So I'd rather take the player that can help us in the future, then the one that can only help for this year.
Evans if we were a lock for the playoffs, but we're not, so RJF.
I prefer that the team look forward and not go in reverse. Staying with guys like Aubrayo Franklin, Evans, and Sopoaga, instead of RJF seems to say that we rather be mediocre then proactive. I futhermore do not like seeing a guy like Sheets cut when we would probably need 2 or 3 more drafts to find a guy like him again. I am sure that might happen in a year or two. Guys like Marques Harris and even Ahmad Brooks are just wasting time. They should keep Briggs and Eric Green and cut Michael Lewis and Roman. One time spurt does not equate to 5 years of doing little except getting beat. In fact the interception showed just how slow Roman is. I think if we kept most of the rest of our dbs including Green we should be well set for the season. I know Briggs is green but I rather have a young thoroughbred then an experienced draft horse. This phobia about mediocre vets is another reason why this team has floundered. If experience was so valuable in these cases, why not have better results? Even if we had to cut some recievers, we have Crabtree as sort of a buffer and I think we could recover from losses there better then most spots. I would rather keep Spanos, Boone and Bender. I also disagree
1000 percent that players suck when they excel vs subs. It only applies if the subs are pathetic. I saw few indications that most of the subs were doing much worse then the vets we played. All of Nate's plays looked as well played against him as vets did vs our firsts. Who the hell cares if it is Peppers or Granma who is about to sack you? The coverages in all the passes I saw Nate against looked pretty good. In fact I doubt if Alex would have thrown if he saw that close a coverage.
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I've watched all three of our preseason games so far and there have only been three guys that have made an impact on the defensive line:

DE Justin Smith
DE Kentwan Balmer
DE Ricky Jean-Francois

Everyone else has played mediocre at best. Especially Aubrayo Franklin & Isaac Sopoaga who seem to get no push whatsoever!

I understand people are concerned with lack of depth at OT, but we can't cut a talented defensive linemen for a player that adds depth. I want starters.

I think Hudson gets beat out by Green. I would also hope they keep RJF over Evans if he does well.

Jason Hill was not included due to the Brandon Jones injury and Crabtree's holdout. We need more than 3 bodies at WR.

Anyone but Simms.
Spurlock beating Ziegler. Who'd a thunk it?
Originally posted by nvninerfan1:
Anyone but Simms.

RJF...because McDonald's nowhere near 100%, having had surgery (again) on his balky knee.
I say boone if he can play like they say he can we need the depth since marvel smith retired. Or pick up levy jones sims just wont cut it
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