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We have the same exact squad as last year! add cofee minus DeShaun Foster

Originally posted by Chief:
One thing that never changes, are the fans.

Haven't you noticed that fans change when teams win?
Originally posted by socalniner:
who are we kidding? We're running the football and everyone knows we're running the football

And if the Niners can be successful doing it, even when the other team knows it's coming, the team is going to be much better. Less sacks, less turnovers on offense, more turnovers by our defense, etc.
Originally posted by Schulzy:
Glen Coffee
Kory Sheets
Moran Norris
Brandon Jones
Michael Crabtree (maybe)
Dre Bly
Goldson as starter
Demetric Evans
Marques Harris
Shawntae Spencer for full season
other rookies

Mike Nolan
JT O Turnover
Mark Roman as starter
Barry Sims as starter

I'm sure I'm missing some, but this definitely isn't the same team as last year.

Thank you! some people only see what they want to see and get hung up on certain things. This is definitely NOT the same team. Obviously there are still areas that need to be improved, but it's not the same team as last year.
Goldson and Bly in makes the defense more aggressive and faster improving the secondary.

These guys have been playing together 2-3 years and know what each guy can do. They know Mankusky systems and there will be none of Nolan hybrid. He can turn these guys loose and they will be playing without thinking which on defense is huge.

I expect the sack total to be marginally higher then last year, however I think we will do a much better job forcing turnovers.

The defense has the possibility of being a top 8-15 defense in the NFL this year.

Getting Baas and Snyder back is significant and with 2 weeks will help the line gel. Rachel is starting his second season and Staley his second season on the left side. Line should be more consistent.

If Coffee performs like he did in pre-season then we have an offense that can run 60% of the time and not be much of a drop off when Gore is getting rest.

I think Raye and Sing have helped VD significantly and he will finally be used properly remember Raye helped make Gonzalez the TE he is.

Bruce is Bruce and he will catch 40-50 passes come for around 800+ yards. Our WR corp. success hinges on Morgan if he plays the way everyone expects he will have a break out year and we can look forward to years of Crabtree and Morgan. Crabtree will sign and be useless this season.

Hill and Smith are not the answer at QB. IMO the team has gotten better and we will keep the score close in most of our games I still only expect us to be 6-10, 7-9 because of our QB’s.
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