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Espn just on--Regular Season Record

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You must have had a big sip of the Koolaid. There is being a fan, and then there is being a fanatic. A fan can actually process that something isn't altogether right within the kingdom.

In the 80 and early 90s we had talented FAs begging to hitch their wagon's to the 49ers. Can you tell me the last time someone wanted to do that?

Ask yourself why?

- We consider it a good thing when we have a "competent" game manager at qb,
who just doesn't give the game away. That's a success?

- We don't have any true 1 WRs. Yes, we have an old "former" all pro. That's
right we have Morgan, but our qb can't "shotput" the ball far enough with

- Our O-line is good at run blocking, but can't seem to keep defenses away from
our qb long enough to throw a longer pass.

- Our defense prides itself on allowing opposing QBs lunch break on obvious pass

- Our offensive game plan is great for consuming time off the clock, and our best
offensive weapon appears to be our place kicker. Our offensive game plan is
equivalent to the Saints of the late 80s. Hey 3 points is good.

- We are all abuzz about a DE that is very fast (Ice) but never seems to get to the
QB on time. Now apparently we will have to blitz to get any pass rush.

- Our most valuable player over the past couple of years is a punter, because he
hasn't "f***ed" up that often.

Yes, we hired coach "nutcracker", but if your offense can't stay on the field, your
defense is going to be worn out.

Oh, and I just touched on some of our division rivals. We play to games against
a division foe that probably has one of the most prolific passing games seen in
recent years. Guess what, they just added a quality running back to go with that.
Mr. Warner's going to get fat "having all that time to each lunch".

Another of our division foes has a stout defense that's pretty good at stopping the

Then we get to play the AFC South, and the NFC North. Let's see who's in these

Indy Colts - Hmm, Peyton Manning, Wayne, Gonzalez, and a couple of RBs.
But....all their defense has is Bob Sanders you say. Who needs
a defense when you've got Peyton Manning and his offensive cast,
against a non-existant pash rush

Jaguars - They were bad last year, but they made improvements.

Titans - But, NVNinerfan they lost Haynesworth. Right, keep thinking that

Texans - They only have the 2nd best receiver (Johnson), a good tight end
(Daniels) and a pretty good RB (Slaton). Let's forget about

Packers - Well there rebuilding their defense (3-4). Sorry, it appears they
only start this, but are about 3 to 4 years ahead of us. Offense,
they actually have a qb that can throw deep.

Bears - Oh, heck Cutler's not that good, and their defense is getting old.

Vikings - Hey didn't that old qb sign with them? Hey we beat him last year.
But....the jets didn't have AP, Taylor, Berrien and a TE that can get
open and catch the ball. Oh, and should we talk about the Williams
and their defense. Oh, you mean the best run defense in the NFL?

Lions - Finally God smiles on us. Not so fast, there may be some suprises.

Yup, I just see us going 10-6 all day.

i'd rather here a 10-6 instead of 7-9. but i guess 7-9 is ok with you guys!

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Until we get a QB we will never get above the 6-10 to 8-8 kind of team

Would be nice ... BUT!

I wouldn't exactly tout Trent Dilfer as being a great QB when he won the Superbowl during his year (2000) with the Ravens. His stats were nothing to jump up and down about (Pass attempts 226, Comp 124 for 59%) But their Won and Loss record was: 12-4 Not too shabby!

His job was to MANAGE the game, take what was given to him and and above all ... avoid turnovers. I think that Shaun HIll is capable of doing just that!

The DEFENSE was the key to their success that year ... and OH yeah BTW .. they heavily employed the PASS RUSH! Didn't hurt to have a Ray Lewis and a Rob Woodson at the time either.

Why does every insist on bringing up the Trent Dilfer argument? THEIR DEFENSE WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST DEFENSES OF ALL TIME THAT YEAR! Our defense does not even come close to that. We won't even be the best defense in the league, much less one of the best of all time. We can't compare our team to theirs just because we both have crappy QBs. The Ravens of 2000 were the exception, not the rule. Go back and check how many teams won the SuperBowl with subpar QBs, then go back and check how many SuperBowl-winning teams have had franchise-calibre QBs. Exactly.
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