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New Stadium improvements

What I'm waiting for is someone to say we can't be building a stadium in this economy.

I'll save them some time. Since this has been talked about since the early 90s. why wasn't it built during the boom years of the 90s. Maybe the Bay Area wasn't affected by that boom. Oh, that's right it was the .com boom which was based out of where? The SF Bay area.

But of course at that time, we had so much on our politically correct agenda that we didn't have time to reward the most winning franchise in SF Bay Area a new stadium.
Our heads were too far up our a**es and we had to build one for the .500 baseball team that call SF home in order to reward our steriod loaded HR champion.

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Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by valrod33:
whats the point of having a new stadium that will cost you CA residents alot of tax money, if no one goes. From what i understand Niners games are far from sellouts

And plus new stadiums dont win games

Your wrong, niner games are sold out. Also you say new stadiums don't win games, but new stadiums generate income and that income can be used to sign top players.

Yep, just ask Seattle and Arizona. Those teams were perennial s**t holes and both made it to the big dance just a couple years after their stadiums were built. In fact, a lot of the ownership and people affilliated with the team say that the Cardinals can thank the stadium for them being able to make that run.
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
The new TV's are nice. They literally had old box tv's locked in these wood and plastic boxes before. Other than that, I hadn't noticed. It's enough for me, though. effin embarrassing. The toilets w/no barriers too. I remember the Baltimore game and some Ravens fans were like, "WTF is this sh!t?!...."

We need a stadium in the worse way!
The Bathrooms look nice
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