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Morgan's starter status isn't firm

Frankly, he doesn't deserve to start now if this is all he's got. He hasn't done squat so far this preseason, and Battle has clearly outplayed him by leaps and bounds. Morgan only looked about a 1000 times more productive last preseason before his staph infection. He better refind his game or he's going to be out of football permanently.
I gotta say, Morgan sure hasn't been showing much in the preaseason. It could be blamed on a number of things, but he has not showed anything more than a 6th rounder should be expected... While I did have big hopes for Morgan, it does not look too good now..

Then again, it is still preseason...
Josh Morgan is a typical Niner webzone favorite. An underdog that is given a starting job by assumption before earning it. I can still remember all the posts on how Battle would be the odd man out and cut, now he possibly could be the #2.......

This just sucks that he played three games, and caught a whopping 3 catch's.
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