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Realistic Expectations for this season

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I am still optimistic but its hard to ignore the cold touch of reality. We cut a lot of game changers in that list.

At this precise moment I'm not sure where our season will end. What I do know is that Singeltary only gets one chance at this.

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I'm hoping for 9-7 that would ensure our first non loosing season in a while. If we reach that point I will expand my expectations.
Our season doesn't end in December anymore!

...but I'm thinking 6-10, anyway.
I'm sticking with 7-9 plus minus 1.
we'll go as far as our weak arse QB's take us. I think I am sticking with 6-10 but possibly 5-11. 8 in the box, teams making us beat them throwing and I don't think we can do it.
Originally posted by 49ERwhiner:
Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Im changing my offseason prediction of 9-7 to 3-13. jimmy raye is the 80 year old version of jim hostler.
You just saw pre-season damn ------ I'll stick with 7-9 or maybe 8-8 baring injuries. Let's face it our pass rush will be very simular to last season , and our pass blocking probably will be slightly improved without the 7 step drops and Martz. Our run game will be improved and we will see more from our passing offense than what we have seen so far in pre-season. I wouldn't go into the season expecting to see the playoffs but it could still happen.

i hope youre right man but i felt the same way you did before ps. between 7-9 and 9-7. i made that post after thinking we would cut jason hill. i mean yea playoffs are possible but a lot of things have te go right to make it. i mean shaun hill has to play well, and he has looked like a joke who stares down his recievers and throws pies all preseason. the taser is a joke that wont catch anyone offguard and its a wasted down. i actually think wrs have got open and the ol will do well. but on d we havent gotten a pass rush from anyone but jsmith and haralson just like last year.
Originally posted by nickbradley:
Looking at our schedule, I see 7 - 10 wins. And I see that as such a big range because there are so many games that are hard to judge -- you don't know how that team is going to perform. The 5 games I see as being the most difficult to judge are:

ATL at home
TEN at home
CHI at home
ARI at home

Out of those, I think the home game against Atlanta could dictate how our season goes. If we win that game, we will go into the bye week on a high note and be geared up and well-rested for 2 road games against Houston and Indy; if we beat Houston that week we may have the momentum to have a shot at beating Indy in Indy. The Chicago game is a Thursday nighter -- and I have no idea how good Chicago is going to be this year. If Cutler plays well, they'll be a 12-win team. If not, maybe 8 or 9 wins. Here's my rough guess for how the season will play out -- 9 wins, a shot at a wild card slot or the division if Arizona plays like Arizona usually does:

@Cardinals - L
Seahawks - W
@Vikings - L
Rams - W
Falcons - W
@Texans - W
@Colts - L
Titans - L
Bears - W
@Packers - L
Jaguars - W
@Seahawks - L
Cardinals - W
@Eagles - L
Lions - W
@Rams - W

I think we're a better team than Seattle, but they are very tough at home. Thoughts?

We go 0-16 this year, Sing gets axed McCloughan hangs himself in his office, Hill gets run out of town tarred and feathered on a Cable Car Bus. And Nolan is brought back...

But on the bright side at least Davis proves that he's the man.


PS in case you didn't get it that is bitter sarcasm.
Seriously, I'm expected an above 500 record. IMO, we've built something good here despite us constantly tearing up every decision this franchise has made.
Originally posted by adrenaline:
Seriously, I'm expected an above 500 record. IMO, we've built something good here despite us constantly tearing up every decision this franchise has made.

It is time for it to translate on the field. The passing offense and the pash rush are real concerns.
Sun Sep. 13 @Cardinals (L)
Sun Sep. 20 Seahawks (L)
Sun Sep. 27 @Vikings (L)
Sun Oct. 4 Rams (W)
Sun Oct. 11 Falcons (L)



I fully expect us to be 1-5 before the Bye. Of course all depends on how we play the Cardinals, but given our pass-rush and no proven ability to sustain a decent passing game, 8 men in the box loading up to stop the run and safeties and LBs playing shallow routes, and overloading Wragge or Rachal in pass protection to apply heat to Hill knowing he can't get the ball reliably to beyond 20 yards to a WR.

My best guess

Sep 13 @Arizona 1:15pm – Loss (0-1)
Sep 20 Seattle 1:05pm – Win (1-1)
Sep 27 @Minnesota 10:00am – Loss (1-2)
Oct 4 St. Louis 1:15pm – Win (2-2)
Oct 11 Atlanta 1:05pm – Loss (2-3)

Week 6 BYE

Oct 25 @Houston 10:00am – Win (3-3)
Nov 1 @Indianapolis 10:00am - Loss (3-4)
Nov 8 Tennessee 1:15pm – Loss (3-5)
Nov 12 Chicago 5:20pm – Loss (3-6)
Nov 22 @Green Bay 10:00am – Loss (3-7)
Nov 29 Jacksonville 1:05pm – Win (4-7)
Dec 6 @Seattle 1:15pm – Win (5-7)
Dec 14 Arizona 5:30pm – Win (6-7)
Dec 20 @Philadelphia 10:00am – Loss (6-8)
Dec 27 Detroit 1:05pm – Win (7-8)
Jan 3 @St. Louis 10:00am – Win (8-8)

IMO we’ll need to steal a win from the Titans or Bears at home to break .500. Not impossible. Starting off with a win at Arizona after breaking Warner's hip would be perfect.
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Originally posted by aiiyiiyiii:
Our season doesn't end in December anymore!

...but I'm thinking 6-10, anyway.

Thats Right!!!!

it ends in September

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I just cant see more than 5-6 wins and im a pretty optimistic fan.
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6 wins, and in a race with the Lambs for last place in the division, which is sad because it's only going to take 9 wins to win it.

Look at the bright side though; we may be in a position to draft another franchise QB

Jevon Snead anyone??
I say 7-9.
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