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Hope she's right...

Originally posted by hofer36:
but isnt it also true that the niners preseason opponents are playing vanilla too---

Yes but scheme's are what weighs heavily when you play your opponents and we did a good job of it the final 5-6 games of last year so I don't see why we won't build of that and with Balmer coming into his own that will only help.
Originally posted by 49wyztoscore:
According to Kim Koyle of CBS 5, Singletary told her in the pre-game meetings that we have been and are going to keep the offense and defense very vanilla all preseason and aren't going to show our hand. I really hope thats the truth and that we have a better pass rush and passing game.

I have to tend to believe that it true due to the lack of play action's(which Raye's offense is notorious for) and the lack of stunts and blitz's by the defense. If it's not the truth we will have another frustrating year IMO.

If you listen to the halftime interview she states that and Sing does confirm it but hopefully it's just not being used as an excuse. Just wondering if anyone else caught that and if not what do you think?

I think we have kept it vanilla, but that could be the homer in me...

Sing doesn't sound like an excuse type of guy.
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