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Defensive post-game analysis (week 3)

Originally posted by nflguy49:

I was at the game and saw it in HD at home afterwords. Lawson never came close to pressuring Romo. I counted two plays where Romo was under pressure and should have been sacked. On one play Spikes was blitzing and should have had the sack(he grabbed Romo but couldn't hold on) but Romo escaped. On the other Harlson forced Romo into a bad pass that was picked off. Lawson was completely worthless.

Lawson = too light in the hips to bullrush, too long a stride to be sudden and explosive, and not enough upper body strength to battle the tackle around the corner.
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Originally posted by teeohh:
manny lawson pisses me off

Package him and nate and ship them out somewhere.

I agree while they are worth something, before they have a terrible year package them for a young pass rusher, Calvin Pace, comes to mind.
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