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**Update** Marvel Smith retiring (Confirmed)

lets move vernon davis to his spot and make him a pass catching RT
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Per MM Twitter:

It's official: The 49ers have announced that OT Marvel Smith has retired. Team has yet to fill roster spot. #fb


I would like to see if Boone can possibly pass up Sims on the depth chart, if not, look for Jon Runyan or a Levi Jones type signing. (not MM but my speculation)

I wouldnt mind kicking the tires on Runyan.

This is too bad. I thought Smith looked pretty decent against the Raiders. Hopefully Snyder will play all 16 games and we can worry about this in the offseason...

I actually thought he looked decent in both Preseason games. Its too bad, he would've had a chance to finally show he could start over Snyder.

for sure. I'm excited about Boone, though. He seems to be playing well from what I've heard. The best case now is Snyder plays a full, decent season, and Boone progresses enough that he can compete for the spot next year.

Unless, of course, the Panthers tank this season and we have a shot at an elite tackle in the draft.

Panthers have a difficult schedule this year.

At this point in the season, free agent offensive linemen are free agents for a reason. We're not snatching a gym of the trash heap.
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Again, as I've said before. The Smith signing was always iffy. ALWAYS. I HATE it that I was proven correct. Scotty really needs to earn his money and find someone on waivers or the coaches need to earn their keep and quickly develop Boone.


Snyder has a history of getting nicked up also. He played well, but remember Snyder and Baas were supposed to be OGs, not ever thought of as OTs and even then, depth players.

We need vet help and not go through another season with Barry Simms starting at RT. I'll take two decent older/experienced players who can come in and contribute instead of the $ we're paying Barry Sims.
I have never been a big Sims fan but he did play very well after Singletary shut down the 7-step drop offense. Sims has always been a good run blocker and decent in pass blocking. Unfortunately he had to block for the "vertical" passing game of the Raiders and then the Martz offense, neither of which are suited for him.

I'm not ecstatic about having him as the backup or starter but if he plays the way he did in the last four games of last year, he will be OK.

I like the analysis but I disagree with the conclusion. Martz didn't completely shut down the passing game. The loss against Miami last season could be isolated to two or three plays. Two of those plays involved Sims WHIFFING on blocks on a 5 - step drop. Remember Hill makes his lines look better then they actually are because he (1) gets rid of the ball quickly and (2) improvises very well when things break down.

Snyder will start, but won't get through an entire season without being nicked up - this has been his history even when he was a bench player.

My problem is that most are trying to convince themselves the same OL from last season is going to be significantly better simply because we're not going to throw it as much and run more. Yes, run-blocking looked great this PRESEASON, but it remains to be seen if this group can excel against defenses designed to stop the run.

At some point the 49ers will be forced to pass to open up the run. Until proven, a dominant running game being effective despite 8 men being in the box against them has yet materialize in a game. It sounds like McCLoughan is being smart and looking for some insurance.

Without Smith as a potential back-up, the line is dangerously thin. If Staley goes down, the season would be over. Snyder can play some LT but again, you're in a situation where you have a bench player at LT and Sims as your starter at RT with Alex Boone backing it up?

Naw. We need some depth.
Well so much for Davis being able to have a break out year.

At this point 500/500 is out of reach.

~Ceadder wrote an article after smith said he would retire this guy sounds pretty good and he should be our backup if we get him thoughts?
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Jon runyan anyone?

Yeah i feel he's the best of the bunch.


Yeah, Runyan, Jones and Canty all look like they could be very late additions that could play a nice role.
Runyan though is just nasty, and I like that.
Well our best bet is for Adam Snyder to stay healthy and hopefully Alex Boone has a strong game tonight. From what I have heard Runyan only wants to play for a team close to his home in Southern, NJ.
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This sucks, instead of just having to worry about going Qb and pass rush in the 1st round next year, now we have to think about going ROT.
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This sucks, instead of just having to worry about going Qb and pass rush in the 1st round next year, now we have to think about going ROT.

hopefully we pass rush isn't an issue and we can grab a QB and a RT in the draft
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Nah we don't need to grab an RT with one of our 1st round picks, we could do that in the 2nd or 3rd, which should still have a lot of talent. Or we could again go the stop gap route and pick up one or two in free agency. Who knows Snyder and/or Boone may step up this year.

First cuts are coming up after this preseason game and then the cut to the final 53 comes a week later. If this is official, there will be other options to choose from soon enough. Is that the ideal situation? Of course not, but it will have to suffice.
I can't say this is a surprise. Great big offensive linemen with back problems don't typically suddenly get better, but I guess it was worth a shot. I sure hope Snyder can stay healthy.
You all recognize this... but saying it anyways, Joe Staley and Adam Snyder now become the two most important men on the whole team who HAVE to stay healthy or weez in BIG, Big trouble!
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wow this would be the worst off season ever he was our big signing and Crabtree hasn't signed

Brandon Jones will be the biggest signing

.....and he's hurt.

this still could be the worst off-season ever.

We are the same exact team as last year. No changes have been made, no value has been added (maybe besides Glen Coffee). Can't wait for kickoff!

It is odd that the names haven't changed. But the Niners are not the exact team. On the OL, when Warhop left, Staley returned to techniques that succeeded in college. He had a better second half. Rachal became starter at RG, improving that position. If we are to trust Singletary, Snyder too has improved. Realize than in Marvel's retirement, there's been no talk about his back. Perhaps he's retiring because he didn't win the starting job from Snyder.
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You all recognize this... but saying it anyways, Joe Staley and Adam Snyder now become the two most important men on the whole team who HAVE to stay healthy or weez in BIG, Big trouble!

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