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How many games do you give Hill before pulling him

How many games do you give Hill before pulling him

I will root for whoever is under center, however, I find it hilarious that the Smith haters say you should support anyone starting but there was a whole lot of hating on Smith when he started...HMMM
Originally posted by blizzuntz:
Im not so sure Smith would replace Hill

I agree. I am 100% convinced however that Smith should not be the teams #2. His contract now restructured should make it easier (If possible at all) to trade or less painful to cut. It was excellent that his contract was restructured.
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Someone just put me out of my misery.

How can the poster create a poll with four options, the longest being that he lasts four games.

Searching for an intelligent thread. Desperately.

For real.
Trust me, if Hill starts off the season with 2 bad games and gets yanked, he will end up being put right back in 2 games later after Smith suffers the same fate.

Hill has proven to be a capable QB, so if he's failing then there's probably a bigger issue with the entire offense and if that's the case, Smith will fare no better.
Originally posted by wolfpack52:
12. 9ers go 3-9 and smith comes in. finish the season 4-12 and draft a qb. Hill and smith gone. nate davis 2nd string and 9ers continue rebuilding for years. And yet another Offensive coordinator


this is very unsettling thinking
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Originally posted by artiga1:
This topic is about as weak that I have seen. The Niners are looking for success, not failure. A thread like this should be locked. Go Niners!!!!!!

Best post in this thread. I can't believe that someone would even start a thread like this. Sometimes I wonder if there a fans of other teams that are ridiculous as some of ours. Besides the Faiders fans.
64 games.
Originally posted by fzrdave:
Hill is going to be our QB for the next couple of years. Most likely we'll be drafting a QB next year and he'll have the luxury of standing on the sideline and developing properly while Hill gives us some fairly decent performances.

one could only hope...

- 98
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