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Mike Martz - Niners will make the playoff's!

So far, Martz has been no different than Trent Dilfer when it comes to talking about other NFL personnel. He's alll positive. I wouldn't hold anything says to be real.
Originally posted by excelsior:
You guys are guilty of deception by selecting only a portion of what Martz said. He also said that "I still beleive that Alex Smith is going to be a great quarterback."

Time will tell. What everyone is overlooking is Coach Singletary was giving Clear signals all the way up until this past Monday, that he was undecided on the starting season Q.B. and appeared to be wanting to see one last time in the upcoming Dallas game which Q.B. Hill or Smith would take the bull by the horns and then, like magic, when Singletary discovered on Monday that Alex could not practice this weekdue to a sprained thumb, presto.... Hill is named the season starter.

Bottom Line: Singletary onl;y made the call now, because Alex had a sprained thumb. So the Q.B. race was much , much closer than you think.
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