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Curtis Taylor

Originally posted by ninergold:
Practice squad material for this year.

I agree practice squad material. Think he can become a player if he can put it all together eventually.

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Originally posted by susweel:
7th round, what kind of wow are you expecting.

lol agreed 7th rounder let him develop
The little bit that I have seen from him so far is promising. And didn't anyone notice the pick he had against the Raiders. He's showing promise; let's not cut him just yet. And besides, defensive backs, wide receivers, and linebackers are the core of special teams, so he has that opportunity too while he develops.
At this point, Taylor is a better athlete, than he is a football player. He is big, strong, and fast for a Safety. Some athletes make the transition to being players. Others, such as Jimmie Williams, who we brought in for a trial during mini-camps, don't. Jury is still out on Taylor. But Singletary may show him the way. For example, looks like Singletary is having a good influence on Ahmad Brooks, who was around the QB more than most red jersey's during the Raider's game.
I doubt he will make the team but I really hope we get him on the PS. The guy runs like a deer, he really closed well and has good size, his instincts are just off right now. I do think he can contribute on ST's right away but it will be tough for him to make the final roster.
Some people look for anything to moan about.
Originally posted by LeftBankeNiner:
Some people look for anything to moan about.

Some people look for anything to start a thread about.
Originally posted by natrone06:
The thing with Taylor is that he looks like a stud. The reason he dropped to the 7th though is because he doesn't always play like it.

For real...the kid is big. He's a 7th rd. pick....He may have potential and at that position, we need to try out every option.
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i like him, he's raw but i think he can be developed. his size and speed are intriguing. i didnt see him do anything wrong in the last 2 preseason games. i like Reggie Smith tho, i was really waiting to see something out of him for the last couple years and he looks like he found his spot. he may develop into a pretty good safety
Taylor has some upside...nice size, big-hitter. Like most rookie S, he needs to learn better pass coverage. With Reggie Smith seemingly settling in at S now, Taylor will be on the PS this season.

Originally posted by eddy99_1999:
last 2 games they have talking about him

He is a 7th round draft pick. He has played in two games. What the did you expect? I'm serious to, tell me what you wanted to see out of our 7th rounder thus far into the preseason.
Give him time...this is his first summer in NFL.
Or draft Taylor Mays next year and put him with Dashon Goldson and we have our two starting safeties for the next 10 years. There would be dead bodies all around the field on any passes over 15 yards!
Why is this bum on the roster he never does anything but get hurt and let everyone else make plays. Same with God aweful Demetric Evans.

I would of much rather had Willhelm over Taylor or maybe even Robinson b/c at least Robinson is a leader.

And with Demetric Evans he sucks never makes a play, and I would rather give a chance to a young guy like Walker who worked his @$$ off this preseason
I would rather have someone else create post's
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