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Curtis Taylor

I don't see the big hype with him he hasn't done anything in the two preseason games
for me to go wow! can someone prove me wrong
7th round, what kind of wow are you expecting.
last 2 games they have talking about him
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Rookie season = Special team demon
I can has free threads?
Originally posted by eddy99_1999:
last 2 games they have talking about him

Who has been talking about him?
The thing with Taylor is that he looks like a stud. The reason he dropped to the 7th though is because he doesn't always play like it.
They like him because of his size and speed.

The only thing I have heard people talking about is that he needs the game to slow down for him, as he tends to "fly by" like a missle and miss his target.
What hype?

Strictly a potential-guy right now. Maybe, in a few years, he could turn that size/athleticism into something...who knows.
Rookie learning a new system, R Smith didn't do s**t last year and look at him now. He will be taking Roman's spot on the 53 next year.
Practice squad material for this year.
Originally posted by Norcal9erfan:

are you a fan of me?

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anything but roman please.
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