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Safety First

I like the way Reggie Smith is stepping up. I hope his proggression keeps up.
Originally posted by jimbagg:
Hurray! Reggie Smith has a pulse. It's taken him a year to show it. Would love to see him improve going forward. No one likes a wasted pick.

But this dude is still VERY green. He was largely a Game Day Inactive for most of 2008. I believe that the club has been giving Smith defensive PT at SS, not FS, so he's really not presently competing with either Goldson or Roman. Michael Lewis is a lock for the starting SS position. Smith just has to beat out Hudson and Taylor for the 4th roster spot at safety. That 4th saftey roster spot will also likely be a Game Day Inactive for most games in 2009. Doesn't seem like too much to ask of a 3rd-rounder.

I'm pretty sure he will beat out Taylor
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