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Brett Farvruh in week 3!

This season has gotten a lot more interesting for Niner fans in the last week as we get Vick near the end of the year and Brett Favre right at the start! The Vikings game was going to be tough anyways, but I am definitely excited about it now!
ESPN First take just said Farve still has a small tear in his rotator cuff. Yes, Farve is a gamer but this also gives the Vikings a great excuse to sign Farve, let him recover the first part of the season and get the offense down, then plug him in for a playoff run.

I'm still doubtful we will see Farve when we play the Vikings just based off of his torn Rotator cuff and it seems that Farve can only stay competitive for a 10 week stint and then gets worn down.
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I hope we pound his head into the hard metrodome turf.
Piss on Brett Favre.
Originally posted by valrod33:
Originally posted by Happs:
I hope we pound his head into the hard metrodome turf.

We already kicked his ass once!! Lets break his bones for sure this time!
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NFL Talk please
he could barely throw the ball at the end of the season last year
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