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What we have learned so far...

I know it's just pre-season, and I know that it's just the first game. Having said that, lets quickly go over what was good, bad, and in between.


-The qb competiton is still quite open up until this point. I think that both qb's did things that you expected them to do, as well as do some things that would show us that they haven't proved anything as far as deserving the starting position. However, I do belive that no matter who the qb eventually is, they are going to do a fine job and will give us a chance to win.

-The O-Line still has to improve on pass protection. I know that the qb's held the ball for a long time, but what I also saw was our linemen getting over powered and beat off the line. We also need to do a better job of blitz pick-up.

-Overall, the offense seemed to find a quick groove and was able to move the ball, even though our D helped them out some.


-I think I speak for everybody when I say..."Where the hell is the pass rush??" I still haven't seen any kind of pressure on the qb that would suggest that we have improved in this area. This also leads me to think that we should have used that second round pick on a pass rusher/d lineman. The only thing I saw was Justin Smith still being consistent and making plays. Oh and by the way, where was Kentwan Balmer at??? It might seem too early to make this statement, but I think that he is a for sure BUST!. Maybe I'm being too critical of him, but I call it like I see it.

-Just singling somebody out, I thought that Takeo Spikes did an outstanding job tonight. This guy was everwhere making plays and stepping up his game. It looks like he started off just where he left off from last season.

-The secondary looked much improved with the additoins of Dre Bly and Dashon Goldson. Nate Clements made a play with an endzone interception that saved us from maybe losing this game. Our secondary looks like it can be one of the top units in the league if we can somehow stay a far from those zone coverages.

Special Teams

-Just think we need to focus on holding onto the ball during the kick/punt returns. Thank god that kicker isn't our starter, LoL.


-With the exception of Michael Crabtree (I hope he signs soon), I think our rookie class looks like they can contrinbute and be good/solid picks for us.

-I was extremely impressed with Glen Coffee and his running. He seemed to find holes and run with that power that we drafted him for.

-Scott McKillop did a fine job also with this sure tackling and work ethic. Rickey Jean-Franscois did ok in limited action and I though Curtis Taylor did some nice things as well.

-I thought Nate Davis looked ok. He seems like he has the ability to be a good contributer later on in the coming years. Oh by the way, he kind of looked like a fat a**, but I guess that's just how he's built, ha!

Overall, I think we have made some improvements and showed that we can be a comptetitive group. We still have some players, good quality players at that, that can do some real nice things for us this coming years. Most of all, I'm just glad that Football is here and that Niners are gonna have one hell of a season!

Yeeeeeeeeeeahhh Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Dude I hate to say it but about the Pass Rush, we aint trying to spill the beans Unline NOLAN. Who can achieve four sacks in a preseason game but not the regular season. (remeber when the packers came here last year for preseason). I mean we had paralson covering. We are just practicing.
Yeah, I think we all got a really good look at Nate Davis's skills in handing off the ball.
it doesn't matter really. Hiding your defensive scheme is one thing, but I'm pretty sure they wanted to show that that they can put pressure on the qb and they simply didn't do it.
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Originally posted by Godsleftsock:
Yeah, I think we all got a really good look at Nate Davis's skills in handing off the ball.

Also want to add that Balmer is definately a bust because he didn't do much in the first pre-season game of his second season...
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I learned that Zak Keasey will be a career practice squad or special teamer. He allowed TWO SACKS!! That is horrendous. Learn to pass block before you can become a starting FB in the NFL.
i learned that this is a completely different defense with PWilly in the game. i know its just preseason, but when it matters, when he is in the game our defense all around will be better.
Vernon Davis looks a little promising.

Jason Hill needs to wake up.

It's the first week of preseason, people. That's what I learned.
no matter what people in the game day thread will always be full blown retarded

From what I saw of Balmer, I saw him double teamed a few times...wwhich is what his job calls for. Cant say he is a bust for drawing double teams. Go back and re-watch the game.
Originally posted by dobophile:
It's the first week of preseason, people. That's what I learned.

Yes it was! What we're doing is trying to knock down that roster from about 100 to 53. We do have a lot to look at in the secondary. Best talent I seen here in years.
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The good - Thank GOD we didn't sign Michael Vick.

The bad - Zak Keasey, doormat.

The Pretty - Zak Keasey, dreadlocks.

The Ugly - Jonathan Vilma is a little bit out of shape.
All offseason people have been optomistic about how we will improve because 2nd/3rd years players will suddenly develop, low impact FAs will somehow make a big difference and/or rookies, especially late round picks and UDFAs, will contribute quickly.

And frankly, most, if not all, of that needs to happen for us to improve our areas of weakness.

Granted, it's only one preseason game, but does anyone see any real signs that there is any difference between this team and last year's?

Pass rush? Still none.

QB Situation? Still exactly unsettled. Hill looks more solid, but limited and not dynamic. Smith has more talent, but does not look overly comfortable or stable.

Oline? - RT a question mark.

Disipline? Fumbled the first play, missed blocking assignments, general poor execution often. And Vernon (though looking better with his playmaking) still can't make a first down without screaming to the heavens like a fool.

Overall? Solid run D and decent secondary that can still get burned by the big play, 3rd down conversions and no pass rush. An O that will move the chains some, but will struggle to get more than field goals and maybe one TD a game.

Man, that sounds familiar. Again, it's very early. But this sure looks a LOT like what we've seen before.

Anyone disagree? Anyone see something that makes them think we've addressed any of the key issues we all knew existed going into the off season last year?
Well we did have a few key guys missing. I think if Willis and Haralson can play next game we will have a better idea
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