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Part of me wants to believe this will be a let down game for the Tards seeing how they just got a huge win over the Queens.

We'll see - they are still the Tards and they can be just as erratic as the Nines.

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How far is Vernon Davis away from breaking touchdown record for tight ends? I believe he is leading the league in TD's

I think Gates has the record with 13.

So VD needs 3 more to break it.

Ummmm Duke got the 11th last week and the 12th tonite. That makes it two I believe. Not 3.


Nah tonight was #11.

Yup. He got number 11 tonight.
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Props to the fans at the game tonight, was really loud there tonight.

i loved that.

Thanks, I was there tonight and it was hella loud. I don't have much of a speaking voice right now. But it's all good!!!!!!
just watched the game after work WOW what a great game alex smith wasnt that great i dunno if he the future yet but damn goldson your a beast so is brooks lawson who?? justin smith is the man. Bass played the best game of his career and gore do i really gotta say anything about him but it sucks that we aint making the playoffs of to the draft forums i go
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