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Originally posted by ZRF80:
After watching our 4 preseason games, we have NO chance against Arizona's receivers unless we BLITZ, and BLITZ often. Our "stud" corners can barely cover 2nd stringers; if we give them extra help and allow Fitz/Boldin to be double covered (with safety help), Warner will still find ways to pick us apart. Lets face it.....our pass rush isnt the best, and the only advantage we have is Warner's mobility (or lack thereof). If we can force Warner into making throws, combined with our ball-hawkish D, we might actually create some turnovers.

Of course, Manusky hasnt gotten this point for the past 2 years....he seems to be satisfied with 3 to 4 man rush the majority of times.....and as you can see, 3rd stringers find ways to beat our all-pro corners.

And yes, I am well aware that we have been playing vanilla defense in both preseason and regular season for the past 7 years, and this year we're really gonna show them what we have in store in Manusky's magic hat of defensive schemes.

Classic Z post.
Not only did the secondary play well today but the LB's also played decent in coverage. Solid performance against the cards WR's today. Most of the catches were well underneath everything. There was one catch fitz made mid level but it was because boldin picked off the safety.

Warner never looked comfortable.

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It was a great team win all around, particularly on the defensive side.
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