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I would like to see us it air it out a couple of times

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We are going to have one of the most boringest ( not sure if that is a word) offenses in the league...
Originally posted by olapac:
Nate is soooo starting to piss me off. Come on man! I know it's just preseason, but still.

most over paid player in the nfl.
A Morgan sighting!
Originally posted by Dajanksta:
Originally posted by 190836:
We have no pass rush.

we had major passrush when clements got burned he had two or three guys in his face. no excuses wtf is wrong with clements damn.

It looked like it, the guy wasn't even touched.
You see that? Morgan needs to learn from D Walk.
We converted a 3rd down!!!

Coffee is the man
Coffeeeeeee, I Love this pick up
coffee hurt his balls

Those jerseys are awesome though!!!!
You gotta love Delanie's consistancy
Running game is going to be strong.
nate clements straight sucks. this is there numer twos people.
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