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Originally posted by 49erWill:
As soon as the game is over please take all talk about the game to the offense and defense analysis threads...

I thought you were going to germany. hehehe
Nice drive there. A 90 yard two-minute-drive to win. Granted it's preseason, but nice to see.

Sheets and Davis just made this roster. It'll be interesting to hear the Hill fans argue that Hill looked bad because he had no time and Davis looked good because he was playing vs. scrubs. Oh Ninertalk. Where bad play is excused and good play is criticized.
Originally posted by amir_tn80:
Does the preseason have a playoffs? If it does we are the number 1 seed and have first round bye and homefield advantage throughout.

Let's play in Dallas. We own that crib!
3-0 baby! undefeated so far.... yee!
Originally posted by BrianGO:
Both Davis and Sheets can play this game.

Don't cheapen what they have done by sarcastically talking about the preseason. They can play, and they should both make the team.

Boone can't. Unfortunately he is garbage.

But, you are not going to demote Gore to insert Sheets, are you? That is the same concept with Hill being replaced with Davis, which will surely be advocated by 90% of the board this week.

You cannot translate a player competing with Pro-Bowlers and another playing against second, third and fourth stringers. Otherwise, we'd be casting a Hall of Fame bust for Thomas Clayton.

All I'm calling for is perspective. Davis is not facing Ware, Spencer, Ratliff, Newman, and others. He's facing this kid Brown, who might be chased out of Dallas this week.
Beat the Cowboys in their house!
This feels so good.
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Originally posted by BHulman:
Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Im starting to wonder if Kory Sheets is better than Glenn Coffee???

I like both of them pretty good. Coffee can spell Gore and bring the same punishing style. Sheets gives the Niners a different look for a nice change of pace.


He can be our version of Reggie Bush, only better.
Originally posted by teeohh:
when i say davis can be our tom brady, i mean steal that becomes a starter

I think Davis can be our next Montana.

... nope, doesn't sound right.
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