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review in the preseason f**k that s**t

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Go Nate. Nice throwN
I'm liking Nate Davis. Strong arm and throws a darn good ball.
Originally posted by WheresWaldo:
I'm liking Nate Davis. Strong arm and throws a darn good ball.

Really nice poise to
They're blitzing now and he's hanging in there nicely. Deep out on the money, too. Making some nice plays.
yeah they are reviewing that. when i saw it i didnt think Z got both his feet down...even though it would have he had his first foot down with like 5 feet to the sideline, and then took one HUGE step.. wtf..
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I want to have Nate Davis' babies.
Originally posted by mayo63:
Nate is going to be our Tom Brady.

Come on, Mayo. Tom Brady?
Originally posted by 49erWill:

Warning a drunk rant thread will be appearing after the game DO NOT LOCK!
I wanna see one shot at the end zone

Nate Hill looks good for us (Dallas commentators). Also, Reggie Smith is a good-looking RB for us.

I can't wait for the season to start. Watching these clowns online is killing me.
Nice long step Ziegler but still he got two down I think
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Originally posted by TRAVELER_9ER:
Does anyone believe that the long sleeves that Davis is wearing is helping his passing

It's a good thing because it takes attention away from the fact that he's more ripped than VD. Now people will appreciate him for his talent.

Was that my out loud typing?
Davis is throwing strikes. Refreshing.
This review is just adding to the intensity and anticipation of this high stakes 3rd preseason game.
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