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Getting booed = Ridiculous!

Come on now this is not pop warner! Where if a QB throws a TD coach says good job, QB throws a INT and the coach says good job, or if the QB fumbles the snap the coach says good job!

This is the NFL, everyone doesn't get a trophy here! Smith makes a kings ransom, so he is being paid to be able to handle getting booed!
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Congratulations on posting a new thread about a topic that has existed for hours in another...


Had to be one guy who can't comment on the thread subject

Congratulations to you.

yea i hate that as well let the mods moderate the thread.
but anyways the fans are classy when they have pride in their team and players, same fans alex just hasnt done anything on the field to earn their respect
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Come on 49er fans.... I just read that on Alex Smith very first pass that was incomplete, a loud fan based boooooooo was throw his way.


The very first pass? Come on for crying out loud!

yea they bood him even thou when shaun hill came up he almost thru a f ing interception

Well that's cause Shaun Hill's proven he can win games even by throwing a couple of ints a game.

.. This post makes no sense at all.

Shaun Hill had never had to lead this team back to win a game. Alex has done that several times.

We won games despite Hill's interceptions.

Nothing against Hill, I like the guy, and think he's the front-runner. But I still consider him just as unproven as anyone else.

How does it not make sense? Fine I'll make some sense of it. Hill was losing to the Rams in the 4th quarter about to ride the pine. He tells Sing to not take him out and that he can get the job done. He gets the job done by throwing a bomb up to J-Morg with barely any time remaining. How doesn't that make sense?

That was supposed to say "had" instead of "has." -- Anyways..

Let me clarify the point I was making. Hill hadn't had to lead us back before that Rams game. He was awful all game though. If you watched those highlights, it was pick.. after pick.. after pick. In the end he got the job done, but he almost cost us the game.

I was trying to get across that our problems were far beyond Alex. Alex has done just as much, if not more than Hill when you consider the variables. Alex rarely was throwing interceptions to set us back. Our defense just couldn't stop anyone, nor could our OL of course.

If Hill's play is really better than Alex's was in his 1st full year starting, it wasn't by much, and that's not saying a whole lot. It would be nice to see if Alex can get it done at some point. But that's the thing.. "at some point." Don't know if that will come.

that bolded part might be your opinion but your making it sound like fact.....if that is the case then that is B.S.

some of you blind Alex fans have selective memories, it is really getting rediculous right now.

Variables you say?....HA.

Alex rarely threw INTs you say?...HA!

if you take off the blinders you would remember that he had a hard time...hell he perfected it......very hard time converting first downs...and prolonging drives.....sustaining drives is what Hill showed last year.....he sustained drives and scored TDs..

by not sustaining drives...basically going 3 and are essentially turning the ball over.....and of course our defense won't be able to stop anyone IF THEY ARE ALWAYS ON THE FIELD, because of Alex's inability to help sustain drives.......and of course our Oline is horrible when our QB is holding the ball to long not making the right reads.....staring down the first WR.....bumping into his own lineman not know how to move around in the pocket.....not being able to read blitzes (to audible out of what ever play we are in, when need be)....just in General... Alex didn't do the things you need your starting QB to do to help you win games on a consistent bases.

It was very funny when everyone here was campaigning to "Free Alex"....haha...there was a reason why the offense was conservative with him back soon as Nolan tried to "Free" Alex.....his true abilities came out...and the blind Alex fans blamed the rest of the team.....the SAME team that looked competent with Rattay back there.....but FOR SOME REASON when the team didn't play well....the blind Alex fans blamed which is it....the offensive personal or is it the QB.....blind Alex fans will tell you that;

if Alex is struggling it is the offensive personal's well as the OC's fault.....

but if a non-Alex QB is leading the 49ers, it is his fault the team is struggling....

Alex struggled leading the 49ers with Hostler at OC that one year.....and the blind Alex fans blamed Holster......then came Shaun Hill with the EXACT SAME PERSONAL....and same OC....and moved the chains with our offense and LEAD THE 49ers.......but of course that lead to more excuses from blind Alex fans of why our offense played better.

but the main point of this post, before I got carried that although Alex didn't throw too many INTs (even though he well as fumble the ball alot)....but even though his blind fans say he didn't throw that many INTs....he basically was turning the ball over on numerous occasions by not sustaining drives.

I don't have problems with Alex fans....he is a Niner.....believe it or not, I am an Alex fan because of this..........but the blind Alex fans....OMFG!!!
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