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Niners vs Cowsucks, attend or miss?

Hi there. I've never been to an NFL game and was thinking that if the opportunity to go to the pre-season 49er vs Cowboy game presented itself, would it be worth it?

Most everyone tells me that pre-season games aren't that great at all, but I really would like to see us thrash those b*****ds and since we don't get our hands on them in the regular season then this is about as good as it is going to get.

I also hear that it isn't all that great to watch the games live and the only professional sport I have seen live was the Astros play the Pirates like 4 years ago and wasn't too thrilled about the seats I got (8 dollar seats = crappy view)... How much do you guys think I would have to dish out to get some good mid-field seats (as much as it pains me to give Jerry Jones some money)?

I am also interested in going to the Texans vs 49ers game in October, that sounds like a better idea, but I am a bit indecisive...

Any (constructive) opinions?
cowsucks? lmao
It is in a new beautiful stadium and is the third pre-season game (IIRC), which is typically the best and most competitive. In our case, it will be the first game for our new starting QB.

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I would go just to see the stadium. My company had a hand in it's construction and I've seen pics that would blow your mind. The inside is as posh as any club in Vegas, it's ridiculous actually. Plus with a pre season game your more likely to get better seats and possible autographs and such as the players aren't as in to the game by the 4th quarter, especially if the stadium is emptying out you shold be able to get pretty close.
You should go dude. itll be the first game for our starting qb, youll get to see a lot of our young talent like crab, coffee, mckillop, balmer, ricky jean francois, etc.
probably $50-60

go to both games!
hell yeah dude, that stadium is gonna be titties man, hit that s**t up.....

I got an offer to go but I got school and work so f**k it, plus i live in Tx so ill prolly see it live.
Originally posted by zozell:
cowsucks? lmao

i like cowgirls better

Hell ya you should go!
I'm jealous as hell, I can't go to ANY games thanks to living in AK.
You should go
Preseason games are not much to watch. But I have heard that York makes the team pretty accessible on away games.

I would definitely go to the Texans game since it is a "real" game. Plus it should be a good one seeing they are looked at similar to us (expected to move up the ranks of their division this year)

Originally posted by zozell:
cowsucks? lmao

You thought that was funny? I thought it was dumb.
If you have to choose between the two, go to the Texans game. But I live down the street from the new Cowboy stadium and it does look freaking awesome.
Originally posted by manzano16:
If you have to choose between the two, go to the Texans game. But I live down the street from the new Cowboy stadium and it does look freaking awesome.

I wonder if they'd let you go in and tour it without having to pay to go to a whack ass Cowboy game..
I think I'll probably end up going to the Texans vs Titans game or the Texans vs 49ers game (my friend is a Titans fan, so we are gonna flip a coin to see which one we are going to (his is a MNF game, blah, expensive)).

What medium are you guys going to use to see the DAL VS SF game then (I heard that pre-season games aren't broadcast, even locally, so I don't think I will be able to see it even here in Texas)?
The gameplan for me is to go, but I refuse to pay huge money to do so. Besides, I plan on going to our game against the Texans in October.
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