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"I just made a Bet" thread

I bet $200 9ers make playoffs
Originally posted by 5280High:
I've been running around Denver betting anyone who will take it a handle of Maker's Mark that the Niners will have a better season than the Bronco's. It surprising how many people I can talk into it based on similar records last year and similar unsettled quarterback situations. But in my mind it's like taking candy from a baby, cause I mean come on.. Nolan is running their D

That is funny i am from denver and have been making the same bet.. i think it is a solid one
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Niners -3 at Seattle.

Gotta take that, right?
Originally posted by 49ersfansince90:
After watching my friend show off his "Six-Burgh" t-shirt, I made my first bet. It sickens me everytime he mentions the Steelers 6 Super Bowls. I know. If either a) Walsh doesn't reitre or b) we had a running game in between Watters and Hearst, we would have atleast 2 more rings. So, I bet him a 12 pack that we will be in the Playoffs this year. I am ready for this season. This is the deepest group we have had in years and this defense is about ready to take a leap into the top 7 of the league. Lets Go Niners!

i live in pittsburgh dude, its brutal, i feel ya
I put 20 bucks on the peppermill bet of the Niners winning more than 8.5 games
Originally posted by gage:
Niners -3 at Seattle.

Gotta take that, right?

Hell yes. I put $500 down when it opened at -2.5, show me the money
Wifey and I are in multiple pools and betting games.

We routinely shell out anywhere from $500-$600 over the course of a season on fun games that have a potential payoff of thousands.

We've actually won a few believe it or not.
I'm going to either be a genius at the end of Week 2 or an Idiot. I bet a keg of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale that the niners beat the Saints on Monday Night Football... I've been running my mouth all offseason and Week 2 came up. I had to put my money where my mouth was.... unfortunately I am very very scared.... but either way I'm getting plastered for Super bowl:))))
Me and a friend from work who's a Raider fan, been having the same bet every year for 8-years - best record, $100.00 bucks.
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Should I lay down $200 tomorrow on the 9ers??? If I win, I'm gonna lay down $700 on Washington.
Bet with some dude $20 the 49ers make the playoffs. Asked him if he was sure before the handshake agreement. I feel like I just stole something.
Have a $100 on the 49ers to win the super bowl in Dallas! I think it pays $3000, did it in May. How sweet would that be!!!!
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Dollar fitty on our 9ers.....activated!!!!
oh god i'm losing a lot of money this year.......

Originally posted by MILFS:
oh god i'm losing a lot of money this year.......