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What type of gameday fan are you?

Very loud and pace the whole game. When at home I watch the Offense in the family room and for Defense I go to the back room and watch. At the end of a very close game I have had a great workout just watching.

When they win I have a great week no matter what happens at work and if they loose the week is long and horrible.
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I eat chicken wings, with the secret Anchor Bar Wing Recipe.
Originally posted by Apples:
I'm loud, but I like to watch the games by myself.

I'm the same way brother. I can't stand other peoples commentary and stupid remarks. It's especially annoying when they say incorrect stuff like, "dude good thing you guys got Hill in the 6th round last year (2008)." Uhhh gtfo of the room and let me watch in peace.

The only people I'll "watch" with is you guys on webzone chat lol.
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Originally posted by DaveWilcox:
I eat chicken wings, with the secret Anchor Bar Wing Recipe.

you have the anchor bar wing recipe? how did you land that?
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
Very loud . . . to the point that I frighten the rest of my family.

I've also been known to destroy remotes by firing them against the wall . . . but that was when I was younger. I'm better now.

I am screaming in my house. I broke my surround sound remote When JTO threw the Pick for the TD against Seattle. I also punched a light switch during the 2007 season when Warner bombed a pass to Fitzgerald with like 3 seconds left in the half and Fitzgerald caught it. I was flipping out. I was also heated during the Cardinal game last year when we lost durring the final play but i controlled my self.
I am so loud! yelling all game yes and no and yeah muthaf**ka and all of that and how did u miss him
Sometimes I wish I was the quiet type. Then maybe my neighbor would not have called the cops on me on two separate occasions. F**king b*stard.

The second time was that Monday nighter in AZ. Two cops showed up at my house about 15 minutes after the game ended, a male and a female popo. The male cop was cool about it, but the female was a real b**ch. She asked me if there was anyone else home, I said no. She asked me who I was yelling and screaming at, and I said Mike Martz. She did not understand. The male cop was laughing, but she did not think it was too funny. Neither did I.
I prefer to watch it in peace too. But my peace is war against the TV - On the couch my legs shake. I pace on 3rd down situations and my remotes go through a slow death as the season wears down. My choice of language is usually foul.

What do I stress about? All the little things against the Niners. "The 49ers are just not getting it done", the tv host says..."F#@% YOU", I say. Terrible officiating....THATS A TERRIBLE CALL ...EAT SH!% MF!. Put it this way, the QB sneak play call in the AZ game got me dizzy.
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I am an Intense fan.

I sit quietly and than explode on a converteted 3rd and long. and then I can't sit down untill the action is over. Or when gore runs over the right side and doesn't go down for a long gain. Nothing better on Sunday afternoon.
Let's just say that all of my neighbors know when it is game day and my 49ERS are playing. My girlfriend can easily be as loud during game day so the neighbors get a double dose. When things aren't going well I can be seen pacing like a cat. If I am out of town in another state ------ they just get to hear what I am like in my own home.

no one posted "the kind who sits next to his computer the entire game posting stupid crap about every play in the game day thread" ?
For me it really depends on the atmosphere I am in. If I am at home watching the game all by myself then I am the quiet, fist pumping type unless its a really important game like the 94 NFC Championship game where we beat the Cowboys . I was watching the game by myself at home and yelling my a$$ off. Neighbors thought I was crazy. When I go out or am with friends watching the game I am loud unless I am at a sportsbook here in Vegas. It seems the only ones that yell here in the sportsbooks are East Coast fans. lol.
Originally posted by modninerfan:
Originally posted by DaveWilcox:
I eat chicken wings, with the secret Anchor Bar Wing Recipe.

you have the anchor bar wing recipe? how did you land that?

This thread would better fit in the parking lot forum but since eating wings is an important part of watching 49er games for me, I'll post this in Niner Talk so everyone can enjoy them. If the mods try them they will give me a pass and spare me the warning.

I went to college in way upstate NY, Plattsburgh to be specific. One of my fraternity brothers had a brother that worked at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo. He used to make the Wing sauce everyday. He gave us the recipe.


Basic Wing Sauce Standard Ingredients.. I have been making these for years and have long since stopped measuring anything. It's a feel thing, but here are some rough measurements. Enjoy

Makes enough sauce for about 48 wings or so.

1/2 stick Butter
6oz Frank's Red Hot Sauce
1 Tbsp Paprika
1 - 2 Tbsp Granulated Garlic
1 tspn Black Pepper
2 - 3 Tbsp Lemon Juice
2 - 3 Tbsp Worstershire Sauce
1 Tbsp (more or less to taste) Cayenne Pepper

Marie's Blue Cheese dressing for dipping

I usually add Honey (1/2 cup) because my wife and kids like them more sweet and tangy than firey hot.

The most important thing when making wings is to use clean and HOT (370 degree) vegetable oil and don't crowd the deep fryer or pot. I usually fry the wings about 15 at a time for about 12 minutes or until they are crispy. Crisp is very important
Originally posted by NinerGold39:
My choice of language is usually foul.

Same here. I'm cussing the whole time, no matter what we do. If we make a big play I'm screaming F*CK YEAH!! If we give up a big play, I have many, many phrases that are completely inappropriate for this forum.
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