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Your thoughts on in the Webzone News Wire?

I was contacted by someone asking why we never linked to 49ers articles from I have actually been keeping an eye on this project for some time now because I find how they are doing business fascinating.

While not actual press, there is a screening process for their writers and their sites does not appear to be flooded with articles that are just spitting out news that can be found from other sources. However, we try to keep the news wire filled with articles from reputable sources. How different is from RealFootball365 or Bleacher Report? I am not sure yet. These writers are getting paid (not much -- but paid) by how much traffic they bring in. I am keeping a close eye on them to see if we want to include them.

What are your thoughts? Is this something you would find valuable in the news wire?

Here is the San Francisco 49ers Examiner page:

Here are a couple of articles discussing what is trying to do:
Well, it looks like those articles aren't written by complete morons, and I sure don't mind having more 49ers reading to do.... so I say why not.
No way
When I look at the news wire headers, I always look at the source before clicking. This would be another one of those links that I would skip over when looking for news postings through this site.
Let's give them a few more weeks before WE make a decision
It can't be worse than anything 365 puts out. On the other hand, if it is worse, it would be almost comical. Win-win as far as I see....especially since it is off-season and we are all starving for Niner tidbits.
doesn't really bother me but it's just normal guys writing stuff nothing I really wnt to read but more power to them.
Originally posted by djfullshred:
When I look at the news wire headers, I always look at the source before clicking. This would be another one of those links that I would skip over when looking for news postings through this site.

Tend to agree. Being an old-skool fan, I'm going to look at sites that I consider reputable. Those include the Chronicle, Mercury-News, and the dueling Matts (Maiocco & Barrows).

All of these writers are paid, full-time, to pretty much follow and track our favorite team.

I hardly look at anything else, unless, one of the national sites (Yahoo or ESPN) beats our local writers to the punch. But that doesn't happen often.
Because the Fangs took an otherwise good paper and drove it into the ground while siphoning off all the cash.

Apart from that, no reason.
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No thanks, keep the Webzone as is...

I will continue to read what's posted under the wire and judge for myself.

I'm a fan of objective journalism (I feel lucky to have the two Matt's) otherwise I go to the Forum for webzoner's views and insight.

Thanks for putting this up for discussion.

[ Edited by Binge on Jun 26, 2009 at 14:21:45 ]
I would include the examiner links. It isn't total tabloid trash like some of the other stuff that is presently included. It's up to individual webzoners to decide if they want to read it our not. Newswire is a Portal of sorts, providing access to various sources of information and analysis.
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Not needed, thank you.

I've watched them for a couple years now and I've yet to see them report anything all that interesting. Kind of like a school newspaper.

Besides the majority of zoners here are pretty good at digging things up. It's fun to try and scoop ya
Originally posted by valrod33:
No way

Yah I would not put them on here. Im also happy to no longer see realfootball365 articles. I also always skip over anything from, to me its not an unbiased source.

[ Edited by susweel on Jun 26, 2009 at 14:48:16 ]
It reads much better then 365 ever did... I say Yes
Give them a training camp's worth and then make a decision. Let's see what they bring when it's almost go time.
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