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Your thoughts on in the Webzone News Wire?

Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by valrod33:
No way

Yah I would not put them on here. Im also happy to no longer see realfootball365 articles. I also always skip over anything from, to me its not an unbiased source.

Same here, I always skip over the articles because, well for one the content just doesn't appeal to me "Wragge goes through broadcasting bootcamp" = WTF?, and the articles never tell us anything we can't get from the matts, and finally, as you said, it's way too bias. I'd rather the writers have an opinion than just tell feel good stories and player bios.

As for, it may be more 49er news, but it's nothing we haven't heard before, and as another poster said it reads like a high school newspaper. Unnecessary to put here IMO.

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Thanks for the input. For now we will hold off, which was my gut reaction. But we will keep an eye on it to see if we want to include them in the future.
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Are you tracking what news feed links people are clicking? If you are, let the statistics make the decision. News is slow this time of year, so it's not like we'll miss anything.
How about you stop linking 365 and start linking Examiner? I mean they can't be any worse.........
What about just one permanent link to the Examiner so if people want to they can easily access it and read the articles they want? I wouldn't want links to every individual article though, because there are bound to be a number of garbage articles.
do it
This thread back from the dead like Jesus

Before the Internet killed newspapers, the Fang family ruined what was once a great newspaper.

Now, I wouldn't wipe a crackhead's arse with it
in the old days i subscirbed to both the examiner and the chronicle. Both...only to find that if i wanted info on the 9ers, and i wanted the facts, i merely had to type in Webmaster, nothing has changed. ..except i dropped my subsciriptions 10-12 yrs ago....about the time i found the WZ.
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