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Pass Rush Techniques (vid)

There was a time when we had coaches that coached.
That was pretty cool. Nice vid.
Originally posted by Norcal9erfan:
Awesome video! I hear a lot of pros training in martial arts and boxing because of this.... It has a lot to do with hand speed and hand-eye coordination, not just brute force. I wonder how Niners are taught?

Very true.... Manny clearly needed to take one of those classess.
Originally posted by Memphis9er:

What I find most disturbing is how a lot of the college teams are switching to spread offenses,Ala Urban Meyer.We are about to start seeing qb's coming into the pros needing 2-3 years to make the transition into the pro style offense.I laugh every time I see someone saying we should draft Tebow next year,he is not half the QB that Smith was in college,and will be a terrible pro I am sure.

You don't become arguably the greatest college football player of all time without learning how to adapt to a situation. If Tebow left last year, I would totally agree with you. But part of Tebow coming back to Florida this year was an agreement with Urban to help get him NFL ready. Florida hired a passing specialist to work with Tebow's mechanics and Urban said he would mold the offense to help showcase Tebow's passing skills this year.

Also Tebow blows Smith out of the water as a college QB, Smith was great dont get me wrong, but what your watching Tebow do in college is legendary and will be remembered for a long long time.
Originally posted by nvninerfan1:
There was a time when we had coaches that coached.

There was also a time when those shorts werent considered extremely homosexual. Glad they went out of style!
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