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49ers Tickets: WANT/SELL

Anybody interested in buying one Lower box. 09 Row V Seat 16 season tickets plus rights pm me.
does anyone know when in "late july" NFL tickets go on sale, or is it just a "get lucky as s**t" game

(mainly looking for the patriots niners game)
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Anyone want to buy 1 season ticket seat? If so PM me. Its a very good seat.
Originally posted by 9erReign:
Also a lot of season ticket holders aren't 9er fans, they are business men who bought simply to sell for a profit.

i'm hoping this stops because of the SBL. I know my friend, who is not a Niner fan, but owns 10 season tickets. He just sells to make profit. He is no longer going to get tickets to the new stadium because of the SBL. I hope this is what happens to all the ticket brokers.
Hey everyone...i am looking to sell the rights to my season tickets for when the team moves to the new stadium. I currently own 2 sets of season tickets and cannot afford both sets once they move..I am not a greedy businessman lol my family has owned season tickets for 40+ years and just cant afford both sets lol..they will be located in section 128 rows 16 & 17 seats 1 and 2.. I am looking to sell the rights for them for $5000/obo for all 4 or ill do 2 for $2750..This is the best way to skip the wait list and guaranteed yourself tickets for the 2014 season and many more seasons and events. This does not include the SBL(seating license) or the actual season tickets....Oh and if you are interested in tickets for this upcoming season let me know i have tickets in section LB 11 row G & H seats 1 and 2..also have UB 46 row B seats 5 6 7 8..
How's the view from UR 14?
hey all I'm looking for tickets to the niners broncos preseason game! message me if you got em!
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Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
hey all I'm looking for tickets to the niners broncos preseason game! message me if you got em!

stubhub......hella cheap
still have my ticket for sale
I'm looking for 4 tickets to the Niners/Bears game in November. If anyone is interested in selling, please let me know. Looking to spend under $250/ticket. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a Bears fan, but for what it's worth, the three others going with me will be rooting for the Niners. So far I've checked out Stubhub, Ticketmaster's ticket exchange, craigslist and ebay. Ebay's probably going to be my best bet, but figured I'd check here as well. Feel free to pm me. Thanks!

Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
How's the view from UR 14?

I am letting go of my lower box seat for the season. Lower box 2 behind the goal post not directly. One seat one ticket. Selling the entire season send offers if interested.
When do they ship out season tickets?
4 tickets seating together available for all games except the Giants and Rams game (sold already). Only 2 tickets left for the Chargers and Dolphins game. Seats are located at UR19, Row 20. I also have a prepaid parking in the Main Lot. PM me with your price if you're interested. Thanks!
Originally posted by anubis5:
When do they ship out season tickets?

Should be within the next week or so.
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