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49ers Tickets: WANT/SELL

OK. I STILL have a parking pass for tomorrow's game. $40 gets it, and that includes shipping to you in the Bay Area. PM me ASAP.
selling 2 tickets for the Seahawks game.
Send me a PM if you want them and I'll email them to you (so yeah pm me your email) and you can paypal me the money.Seats are LR7 row 4

My cost on these tickets to offer them is $190. That's 79 each + ticketmaster fees to send + paypal fees.

Will sell them to a zoner at a remarkable deal...send a pm with an offer.
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okay they're going for $80 for the pair now. PM now.
Selling 2 tickets to the MNF game vs the Cardinals. Section 128 Row 6 which is on the visitors sideline right behind the niners bench on the 35yd. $300 per ticket includes parking pass. Send me a PM
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Who's got two tickets to the Ram's Game?Before i Start searching online
Looking for two tix for the Rams game here at home. PM me if you have 'em.

- 98
I have four MNF tickets vs the Bears. UB13 rH/G Piggyback. $180 ea. Dang that game is pricey w 250-350 ranges.

PM me

EDIT: I have only two tickets left in row H @150 instead of 180.

Also have four Dolphins tix too @ 90 ea.
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Looking for 4-6 tickets preferably LR for the 12/9 game against the Dolphins. Anyone looking to sell PM me. Thanks!
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Got 2 mnf tickets. $150 each obo. Sec ur02 row 9.
I have four tickets to Dolphins game. $75 a pop. UB13 row H/G. PM if interested.

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Looking for 2 tix to any of the remaining home games
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Originally posted by NONAME:
Got 2 mnf tickets. $150 each obo. Sec ur02 row 9.

$135 each
Will sell my 2 Rams tix and parking for face value + 3% Paypal fee. Call it $297 total.

LE39, Row 18, On the aisle.
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I'm listing these for a friend so if you are interested contact me and I'll put you in touch with him...
Sec LE27
Row 43
Seats #1&2
Chicago Monday Nite game / November 19th- $300each
Rams / Sunday November 11 - $220 each
Arizona / Dec 30 - $220 each
Like I said, they aren't mine and I didn't set the prices so......
He may have tickets available for other remaining home games too, I'm not sure
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