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Reasons for an Alex Smith breakout season.

Originally posted by NickSh49:
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Originally posted by MaliCali: neither quarterback has an excuse, i expect wins this season...

Great post Mali, especially on the quoted: Totally agreed.

Either QB is fine with me, but if they falter I want a quick trigger finger on the switch.

Meth buddy, what up.

I have to agree with Maiocco though... let Shaun Hill start the season at QB. Then if Hill falters or gets injured, Smitty can come in with no pressure and try to deliver.

You start Smitty week one, and there will be no patience from the media or the fans. Shaun has earned his shot.

So let Alex sit and spot Shaun. If Shaun goes down or falters, then Smitty can return.

I agree 100% with this post. And for Smith's sake, its best that it goes down this way. If Hill starts to falter, everybody will be clamoring for Smith and its gonna be do or die for him. It will be tough for Alex if its the other way around.

Say Hill plays and never falters, we have ourselves some quality backups. If Smith figures it out and we keep Raye around, I think Smith's physical abilities will beat out Hill.
Yeah, maybe. I just sincerely hope that if he does start we don't keep him in if he continues sucking. I'd hate to waste half the season again.

i like Alex but he MUST have a good year this year. this is his last chance.
Originally posted by 49erfan3252:
i agree. this is REALLY Smith's LAST chance to put up or shut up. He finally get's the big play WR we've been lacking for the past few years. if he can't do well this year. let alone win the Starting job im completely done with Alex Smith.

not starting job i think we should sit him for a year and let him learn the offense and then come in next year then i think hell be beast
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Originally posted by TonyStarks:

I don't get it.
Originally posted by TowelBoy:
Originally posted by TonyStarks:

I don't get it.

Starks, you're scaring me buddy.
I'm ready to see everyone have a breakout season. Hopefully Alex can turn it around. I guess the big question is, how well is the shoulder he injured? Does anyone know if he's close to 100%? For Alex, that will be key.

Alex Smith will be lucky to beat out Huard. In fact, he should not.
Well of course i would like it to be A. Smith, but at this point if it's Hill then so be it. I still personally feel that if accurate, Smith can stretch the field a little more consistently. But I'm more excited about CrabTree than anything else.

I will say this tho, to all those that say he didnt have the support of his cast, and took charge, just read the words from Battle and Bryant Young. Now lets see someone argue with our HOFamer BY. Who knows more about the team than any of us.

And some key points in regards to Alex thats speaks to his character, leadership, and ability;
--The moment Battle crossed the goal line, Smith dashed to the sidelines and jumped into the arms of running back Frank Gore.

--"What did he show me?" Battle said. "Composure and leadership. He's taken a lot of criticism. And to do what he did, especially when we weren't playing well, shows his composure and leadership."

--"It's those intangibles that you can't explain," said defensive end Bryant Young, who was part of the Super Bowl XXIX champions when Steve Young was quarterback. "What he showed was a presence; what we've seen so many times here before. I'm proud of him". He should be. So should all the 49ers. Because Smith rescued them from what seemed a sure loss. Arizona must've felt that way, too, because the Cards gladly punted the ball away with three minutes left after three consecutive Edgerrin James runs.

--No, what showed was something the 49ers should cultivate: It was that "intangible" that Bryant Young was talking about; that "something" that separates good quarterbacks from the rabble. The 49ers thought Smith had it when they made him the first pick of the 2005 draft. Now, they might find out.

Sure, it's early. But Smith sure looked good when he had to look good, and played well when he had to play well, and isn't that what this game is all about?

Now Like i said i'm more excited about Crabtree than anything else, but we now have words from one of our greatest players who felt the way he did for a reason, so sure you could come back and say so what this, and that, and whatever, but i'll take BY's feelings on any given day.

Go niners.

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I would love to see Alex be successful. I have nothing against the guy. I have been very supportive and patient for Alex, but his time has come and gone.

It's denial if you think he hasn't had more than enough opportunity to prove himself because he's had much more time, energy and focus put on him than any other QB on the team.

It's denial if you blame his failures on his teammates because Shaun Hill had the same players surrounding him and has a significantly higher winning percentage.

It's denial if you blame his coaches (tho Nolan does get honorable mention) because everyone else on the team has the same ones.

It's denial if you think that he's got better physical tools and potential than other QB's on the team because he's never shown any consistency that he can use them.

Potential doesn't win games, Shaun Hill wins games. Mike Singletary gets it and will be starting Shaun Hill in 2009.

I'm sorry if my opinion ruffles anyones feathers, but this is how I see it and I hope I don't offend.
Your opinion is right on. Smith has physical tools and NO NATURAL INSTINCTS. This won't change. You don't learn something that is either there or it's not. Alex has proven it's not. He may "breakout" with slivers in his behind though.
I've said it before and I'll say it again...I don't care WHO starts at QB,as long as we wing games!
If Alex Smith wins the competition and can't succeed with what we have right now then may the bust be with you.
I think Hill will be starter, but if it's Smith, whichever as long as the ball gets thrown in the vincinity of Crabtree 10 times a game is all I care about. I'm hoping the run-first philosophy will bring a safety up close so they can throw a deep pass to Crabby in single coverage for the TD!
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