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TWO Major Unresolved Issues... MAJOR UPDATE!!

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So now that the Giants have signed both Rocky Bernard and Chris Canty, do I really care about the Jones and Norris signings?


So again how are we going to improve the pass-rush?

Our line and rushing OLBs. We haven't addressed any.

We have some 5-techniques, but not a one-gap true 3-4 NT and never mind our options at WILL because we don't have any unless we want to get them at ridiculously high market rates. Therefore, our pass rush has to come from the draft and some depth.

We had more of a pass rush by committee than just one dominant pass rusher like Ware for example. IMO, we will be drafting two pass rushers and one of them will be in the first two rounds. They will rotate with Haralson and give us some fresh legs in the fourth.

Like you, I would like to see a true NT and not the 2-gap option that we are settling on with Franklin.

If we land Willis at ROT in the FA, then a Brown in the first and Brace in the second is a huge possibility. Yet, they are rookies and your point is made clearer.

We just don't have WILL and true one-gap NT options in FA that we would have signed by now. A little patience and we just may get someone like Grady Jackson...probably not, but hopefully someone.

Peace bud.

Agreed. Canty would have been a logical addition b/c then Sopoaga and Balmer would undoubtedly move inside. Willis would be good, but I'd like to see us add a real LT and move Staley back to the right.

As far as the pass rush goes, they know in free agency they'll spend big money for marginal talent. To avoid paying inflated prices Scotty is probably waiting to let the market settle and sign a decent player for a reasonable contract. It doesn't sound like Canty really wanted to come here, so why sign players just for the sake of signing players? Fans want to see big names, but we're not the Cowboys or the 'Skins. Neither of those teams do anything anyway. Have patience, though the positions of OT, DT, and OLB have to be addressed through the draft.

giving canty a contract that would rival what the giants paid him would not be smart. The cowboys let canty go and got Olshansky for half what Canty got. We already have Justin Smith who signed a huge contract for a 3-4 end last year and who's to say Balmer can't be as good or Better then Canty in a year or too?
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I agree....

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I agree....


Ha ha, samuel l jackson woulda chained jennings up and made em injury free! Unfortunately jennings prob woulda tripped down the stairs, as he was released from the chains and bruised his arm and been inactive for 5 wks lol!

This old thread is hyjacked aint it?

Or has it become the jj how have ya been thread?
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