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Why hasn't Roman been cut yet?

I hope DG is the answer and can stay healthy if roman leaves. I am not a big fan of replacing players without having somebody better pushing him out. DG seems to be injury prone.
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Originally posted by TheGoldStandard:
Roman and a conditional pick (no higher than fifth, based on playing time) for Dawan Landry from the Ravens.

He's coming off an injury and they just lost Leonhard, so they decide having the healthy body is better than taking a chance on Dawan.

We on the other hand can take a chance that he returns to form because we have Goldson if he doesn't, and he play both safety sports at a high level. And lord knows we love that versatility.

what round was landry drafted in, cause thats the compensation needed to sign him away, and if its higher than a 5th, say a 3rd, then i dont see how Ravens left Landry go for a conditional 5th and Friggin Mark Roman. Just cant see it happening.

to sign him away outright we would need to give up a 5th rounder. Offering up Roman would hopefully sweeten the pot enough that they would accept a conditional pick instead.


And lets not forget the book on Roman is that he a is smart, solid player. The Ravens love guys like that in their secondary because they know they have Ed Reed to generate the turnovers for them on the back end.

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He wants some team to trade for him?

LOL. Nobody would even sign him if we released him.
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Originally posted by fanmusclecars:
He wants some team to trade for him?

LOL. Nobody would even sign him if we released him.

I beg to differ, I guarantee he could land a spot with the London Silly Nannies.

best news i heard all day
is McC can get something in return i would be amazed
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roman and spencer together could get something good. If denver didnt just get dawkins i could see nolan pushing for a trade
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I would give up a 4th rounder TO GET RID OF HIM.

I would give him away for a taco.

Jumbo burrito with goat meat. Let's try to get just a little more for him.
Maybe he can make it on the Detroit Lions squad.
Roman is such a Whiner!!! Get the F*%K out you pansy!!!!! He did the same thing when the Packers got rid of him. He can't handle the truth!!! The truth is he sucks ,plain and simple. Oh, and Green Bay got rid of him because....(drumroll)... he wasn't making plays and got beat out by a younger better player.

I think Roman could be a back-up for the Sacramento-San Francisco UFL franchise, if he is lucky
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Originally posted by YuNGbOn3:
best news all offseason ! the best part is that we might trade him and get something in return rather than cutting him and getting nada

cosign, best news in a horrible offseason
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this guy is in for a reality check

true so true
I needed to laugh.
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