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**Guide to watching Niner games on the internet**
Sorry if this has been discussed, but I'm not reading 250 pages of posts.

Has anyone tried NFL Game Pass with a VPN server? I read in some countries they get NFL Game Pass for free.

my slingbox blows on my works wireless

Pretty decent link, I'll post others as necessary.
any channels today fellas?
It's still a bit early, but this link is scheduled to show the game.

Yup, looks like that's going to fly.
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Originally posted by Jcool:

Originally posted by Travisty13:
firstrow has 12 links up.

Watched it last night here. works. Just have to swim through all the pop ups! some you actually have to wait like 5-10 sec until you can "X" them out.
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I know its early, just bumping this for a needed link please.
Originally posted by pawi:
I know its early, just bumping this for a needed link please.

may not be the best quality but it's always there
any more channels, is the game on yet?

This looks like a good alternate. Will get back when I settle on one.

This looks like the most timely and highest quality.
how do you get rid off the ads in crap in front of the screen?
Adblocker for chrome.
So I'm stuck at work with only an iPhone.

Any idea where I can find the game without an Internet site that uses Adobe??

I'd even settle for a radio app that's carrying the game.

I have KNBR on my iPhone, but it seems they stopped carrying the games.

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