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SeaAdderall CheatHawks

I'm pretty surprised nobody is talking about this...this is a term coined by their own 12th Man fanbase. Obviously, Pete the Cheat and his history of cheating has been well documented even before he even got to Seattle. But this is pretty significant...the topic at least.

The bigger issue is the NFL itself...allowing Dick Sherman and his DB's to play a completely different game compared to all other teams (esp. in Seattle) and according to NFL rules (esp. these can't breathe on a WR anymore) and the "fact" that both Browner and Sherman were busted at the same time last year, so to ensure they both increased the entertainment value for the NFL, Browner took his suspension right away and then Sherman appealed it so he could continue to play and then the ruling was magically reversed JUST in time for the playoffs. Come on!

This is almost as obvious as the NFL blocking the Raiders from drafting John Elway! Or their odd choices of certain refs for Superbowls when story-lines favored East Coast teams (esp.). LOL.

And let's be real here...7+ busted for PED's since 2011? That's not random...that's a "culture" and we all know there are way more than 7 at this juncture. At this point the NFL should be testing the entire team (plus Pete himself) several times a week. Haha
It's being "talked about"
Originally posted by mattster03:
It's being "talked about"

Ahhh, NFL Talk. My bad...although, this is our main rival so maybe it should be in Niner Talk for a while...this is a player who won't be playing against us week 2.
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